With the smartphone market growing in leaps and bounds all over the world, it’s no wonder that people are increasingly using their mobile devices to browse the web. As per one estimate, more than 50% of the global web traffic was generated from mobile devices.

And with users moving to smartphones and other mobile devices, businesses needed to do the same. As a result, several big and small business owners have successfully launched native mobile apps. But, as maintaining a business app can be quite expensive, businesses are turning to an alternative solution – the progressive web app or PWA.

Progressive web apps are, simply speaking, browser-based web apps that can function in a way similar to native apps. The use of the latest web technologies enables PWAs to provide almost all the features one can expect in native mobile apps. If you are a business thinking of launching a PWA, here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea.

1. It is cost-effective

Developing and maintaining native apps can be time-consuming and expensive. But, deploying progressive web apps can help businesses avoid these issues. Creating one progressive web app is generally enough – you don’t need to create different versions for separate devices or platforms. So, developing a progressive web app is quite cost-effective, and it is easier to implement too.

2. It combines the best features of native apps and websites

Users prefer mobile apps over websites due to the improved user experience and fast speed. And a progressive web app is a good choice for businesses as it offers the capabilities of websites combined with the easy-to-use interface of native mobile apps. Although they have the look and feel of standard mobile apps, they offer advanced functionalities such as database access and dynamic data. Moreover, these can be indexed by search engines, which help to boost online exposure.

3. Allows offline access

Progressive web apps are much more convenient for users since they can run in all network conditions. This is unlike websites, which require a steady internet connection to load. Some PWAs allow users to access certain features or pages in offline mode too.

4. Faster installation 

Installing progressive web apps is a fast and simple process compared to native apps. This is because users can directly download the PWA from the website itself without needing to visit any app stores. Users can instantly access the PWA via the app-like icon on their screens after installation.

5. These are highly secure

Progressive web apps are as secure as the website itself. This is because the apps are developed to follow HTTPS protocols that offer fully secure browser-to-server encryption. Moreover, since all progressive web apps are accessed through a browser, the in-built security features ensure lesser chances of any security issues.

Need to build a progressive web app that can take your business to new heights? Reach out to our team at Silwatech. Our experts are highly experienced in developing powerful software solutions tailored to meet all your business requirements.

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