Next-Generation Firewalls

Next-generation firewalls are ML-powered, cloud-based network security used to tackle the most complex and evasive threats. Silwatech cyber security solutions use deep in-line learning to stop unknown zero-day attacks. These firewalls can block malware from entering the network. Next-generation firewalls, or NGFW, can be deployed cloud-based or on-premises. They also address APTs or Advanced Persistent Threats.

Silwatech significantly lowers the cost of cyber security solutions as NGFW can incorporate security applications like antivirus, firewall and more into a single cyber security solution. Some of the features of NGFW include inspection services, application awareness, awareness tools and protection systems that benefit the offering at all odds. In addition to these features, it has an integrated intrusion prevention system or IPS, application control and threat prevention capabilities.

A next-generation firewall is very much different from a regular firewall service. It is highly advanced and features like deep packet inspection of incoming and outgoing network traffic, integrated intrusion detection and prevention, and cloud-delivered threat intelligence. Silwatech offers all of these features and benefits for your organization.

Endpoint Security Solutions

Endpoint security is the practice of protecting endpoints from malicious acts. Here, the endpoint includes laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. Endpoint security systems protect these endpoints on a network or in the cloud.

When an organization is under attack, there is heavy damage from business operations being disrupted and even extortion attempts. Securing endpoints is much more critical as they are often easiest to breach, but once breached, they allow the malicious content to propagate deeper into the system for more valuable data. They often target admin accounts for better loot, increasing the damage manifold. It requires a strong endpoint security solution to secure endpoints.

Silwatech brings you Silwatech’s XDR, the best of endpoint security solutions. It combines cross-platform visibility and security analytics to bring a powerful cybersecurity solution. In Silwatech’s XDR, detection and response capability are unified and extended across multiple security layers. It gives centralized end-to-end enterprise visibility and powerful analytics for security teams. It also gives automated responses across the technology stack.

With Silwatech’s XDR, it is easier for security analysts to identify and stop attacks in progress. The security endpoint solution has unified and proactive security measures. Overall it defends your business from attacks.

Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is a proactive activity where threat hunters comb through security data. Silwatech, leading cyber security solutions and services in the UAE, provides the tools required to detect and isolate advanced threats. With intelligence-driven, cross-platform threat hunting, SilwatechWatch cyber security solutions expand an organization’s security visibility and actionability to cutting-edge attacker techniques, international APT campaigns, and emerging cybercrimes. As part of the cyber threat hunting process, SilwatechCyber threat intelligence sources and researchers track threat actors in the wild. Silwatech Watch prioritizes, contextualizes, and curates its intelligence sources to deliver timely information without clogging up your inbox.

Gone are the days when the response and recovery time took days and weeks. Organizations have levelled up to modern threats by making them in minutes. SilwatechWatch is a cyber threat-hunting tool designed to keep you prepared and responsive. SilwatechWatch proactively communicates threats as they arise. It also provides the context of the risk it poses to your security program and business. It then notifies you when a threat is detected so that you can take action to contain it. The danger is then mitigated by providing remediation-oriented guidance. An immediate triage and response are orchestrated for Vigilance MDR customers. A Monthly Threat Hunting Digest recaps findings and trends observed across our customer base.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions

Security information and event management information security solutions or SIEM combines security information management and security event management. It offers analysis and real-time monitoring of events. It also tracks and logs security data for auditing and compliance purposes.

SIEM solution recognizes potential security threats before they have a chance to disrupt business operations. It uses AI and anomalies in user behaviour to detect threats. As a leading cyber security solutions company, Silwatech provides security information management tools like SIEM to get real-time visibility into potentially risky activities.

A secure cyber solution like SIEM allows organisations to manage their assets better and secure them from threats. It also streamlines workflows and provides a unified user experience and customised options for your organization.

Silwatech has a SIEM solution capable of data collection, parsing data, and data correlation, enabling the identification of problematic activity. It then identifies patterns of compromise. The end user is then alerted of suspicious activity.

You can have a SIEM technology that is either on-premise or have it as a cloud app security SIEM integration. Your organization can effectively stop threats and reduce damages caused by risks with a SIEM, which will conduct log management, real-time monitoring and incident investigation for you.

Email Security Solutions

E-mails are one of the most frequent sites of cyber attacks. Implementing a robust email security solution means there is a proactive prediction, prevention and response framework, which is in place to protect against attacks and access protection.

One of the best cyber security solutions in UAE is the SilwatechMailWatch Phishing Defense Solutions which identifies, analyses, responds to and remediates any phishing attacks. A team of experts on-demand 24/7 carries this out.

Email security solutions provide actionable intelligence about phishing attacks on your network. If there is a suspicious email, it is quickly and automatically quarantined, and a decisive response to phishing threats is given out, drastically reducing the time required to detect and resolve attacks.

SilwatechMailWatch Phishing Defense Solution features include detailed email blocking with whitelisting and blacklisting, recipient verification, advanced reporting and scanning emails.

Another feature is email sandboxing, which safely detonates suspicious files under controlled conditions. Additional protection from Office 365 uses an in-depth approach against malware attacks. There is also predictive technology for zero-day attack protection. It also provides advanced data leak protection of internal data, making SilwatechMailWatch Phishing Defense Solutions the best email security solution.

Encryption Solutions

A data encryption solution is a software system that uses a data encryption algorithm to protect data. It not only protects sensitive data but also has management tools used for monitoring and deploying data encryption across the organization.

As a reputed cyber security solutions company, Silwatech offers you SilwaEncrypt software. It is software that is designed mainly for application-level data encryption. It also has features like encrypting databases with transparent database encryption (TDE), protecting sensitive data wherever it is used or stored, and encrypting files for transfer or backup.

Application Level Data Encryption: SilwatechEncrypt database encryption solution brings you a simple but secure approach where the data is protected wherever it is, whether it is in applications, files, databases, disks or transported through a network

Encryption & Authentication Techniques: SilwatechEncrypt uses authentication techniques like digital signing. Its cryptographic software suite supports a variety of encryption modes and algorithms tested and approved by the NIST or National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Database Encryption: This aspect of the encryption solution focuses on data protection at the application level before being stored in a database. SilwatechEncrypt uses different encryption and tokenization schemes. This makes the security posture of a specific dataset optimized.

Forensic Systems

The digital forensic system requires sophisticated and diversified tools. SilwatechForensics is proud to present its flagship products built to meet his needs. The kits include a UFED Touch Logical or UFED Touch Ultimate, as per your choice, and a full complement of cables. There are also accessories necessary for cyber forensics investigations.

The UFED Touch Logical or UFED Touch Ultimate devices in the Digital Forensics Field Triage Kits have an easy-to-use touch screen. It can easily extract data from different types of devices and legacy systems. It can perform advanced extraction, decoding, analysis and reporting. It has many features that are extremely useful in the forensic lab and field.

SilwatechForensics also has high-speed data extraction and analysis, which gives it an advantage over other time-consuming systems. It is crucial to have faster systems in the forensic field.

SilwatechForensics provides the right kits for cyber forensic experts in the form of our Digital Forensics Field Triage Kits. It has your choice of ADF solution, which is deployed in a plug-and-play approach. It has a small portable USB device that gives fast results. It is available in three versions which are Triage Investigator (TI), Digital Evidence Investigator (DEI), and Triage-G2 (TG2).

Data Leakage Protection

Data leakage or loss refers to unauthorized data transmission from an organization to an external entity or destination. Data leakage can have serious repercussions for a company.

A cyber security solution for data leakage protection should be essential to your organization’s security system. Silwatech brings you Silwatech Data Loss Prevention, its powerful solution against unwanted data leaks and damages. It secures your data across the cloud, web, email, network, and endpoints.

Its features allow businesses to discover, classify, monitor and protect data. It has a smooth and intuitive user experience. It also prevents data loss by auditing behaviour in real-time with Risk-Adaptive Protection.

It can control an entire organization’s data with a single policy that doesn’t slow down employees and drives productivity. It uses an individualized and adaptive data security style that blocks action only where necessary.

The Data Leakage Protection also simplifies compliance with predefined policies that apply to 80+ countries for GDPR, CCPA and more. It also deploys data classification with Boldon James and Azure Information Protection.

Silwatech DLP solutions also give you solid protection of critical intellectual property like PII, PHI, company financials, trade secrets etc. It also automatically prevents data breaches using risk-adaptive data protection.

Vulnerability Management Systems

Identifying a vulnerability within an organization, understanding the risk and securing the attack surface is critical to preventing an attack and the damages and loss that follow.

A vulnerability management system is designed to find the weaknesses in your organization’s system and then mitigate the threat it poses. Silwatech brings one of the best cyber security solutions in the form of a Vulnerability management solution. It is an end-to-end vulnerability management solution that is prioritization-focused and offers built-in patching. It is an all-rounded solution that provides a wide range of functions from a single console like risk-based assessment, comprehensive coverage, continual visibility, and integral remediation of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

As an enterprise vulnerability management system, it protects every endpoint, be it a laptop, server, workstation, web server, virtual machine or database. You can also get singular, uninterrupted network visibility wherever your endpoints are. The VMS solution is also designed to detect vulnerabilities, risky software, misconfigurations, and more. It also sorts and prioritizes vulnerabilities based on age, exploitability and impact.

The Silwatech VMS is also capable of patching vulnerabilities, fixing misconfigurations, spotting zero-day vulnerabilities, and applying mitigation methods. It can also automate the patching process for various operating systems and give you a view of all the happenings with a real-time dashboard.

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Solutions

Every organization needs a suitable GRC framework or a governance, risk and compliance framework. It helps to identify and improve efficiency, risk management and internal controls.

Silwatech brings you advanced GRC solutions that help your organization by applying standards and best practices for your organization. Silwatech GRC software, part of our cyber security solutions, ensures all your governance, risk and compliance systems are in place. Let us take a quick look at some of the features of enterprise GRC solutions.

Silwatech GRC technology solutions accelerate growth and drive management to take risk-aware decisions, which reduces losses in the long run. It is efficient at strengthening compliance posture, preventing the risk of compliance violations and thereby taking a proactive stance. It provides timely insights into the risks, provides better assurance and enables agile risk-based audits. You can also prevent business disruptions by having a 360-degree view of third-party risks and streamlining the third-party risk management lifecycle. In terms of security, it also proactively mitigates IT & cyber risks by giving you real-time visibility of risks, threats and vulnerabilities.

Silwatech GRC solutions also ensure no silos in the risk management process. We also provide ERM solutions to bridge your organization’s risk journey across silos.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor authentication, or MFA, is a tool that verifies a user’s identity at login. It is an access security product that adds two or more steps to check the user’s identity while logging in. MFA uses secure authentication tools to keep your data secure.

Silwatech MFA Security Solutions provides your organization with extra security, easy-to-use functionality and rigidity against threats. It has an interface that is non-disruptive, fast and simple. Silwatech 2-factor authentication can be integrated with custom applications with minimal IT involvement. It is a highly scalable secure access solution. We also provide multi-factor authentication using biometrics.

Some of the features that Silwatech secure cyber solutions offer include

  • Cloud-to-ground protection

All your resources, including customer-facing and enterprise apps, are secured, with access granted only to the right people.

  • Proactive security

Automatic blocking of suspicious IP addresses that have attempted identity attacks on other organizations. This is done using threat intelligence and insights.

  • Integrated Security

Better visibility of all external risk signals from all security vendors, which are then integrated to take a proactive approach to threat management. Remove friction for end users only when needed using step-up authentication or block requests.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged access management is a cyber security strategy implemented to have control over the privileged access and permissions for users, processes, accounts and systems within an IT environment. It is a cyber security solution built to help organizations minimize their surface damage and prevent/mitigate the damage arising from external or internal attacks.

Silwatech Privileged Access Management allows you to secure and manage your organization’s credentials and passwords. With our PAM solution, you can secure and manage domains, sysadmins, operating systems, directory services, applications, databases, networking hardware, cloud instances, IoT and more.

Silwatech has two Password Management solutions under its wing: Password Safe and DevOps Secrets Safe. They create a complete password manager software by unifying privileged sessions and password management. Your privileged credentials can have secure discovery, auditing, management and monitoring with our privileged identity and access management solution.

The Password Safe is an automated password and session management solution. It gives complete control and accountability over privileged accounts. You can also automate password and privilege controls and real-time session monitoring. You can also meet compliance requirements with audit trail forensics.

Silwatech’s DevOps Secret Safe is a management solution built to keep DevOps secrets secure from attackers. It uses a DevOps tools-centred approach. It ensures safety without slowing down the application delivery process.


DevSecOps stands for development, security and operations. Every phase of a software development lifecycle automates the integration of security into the process. It is part of the initial design, integration, testing, deployment and software delivery. DevSecOps was developed because Agile and DevOps practices reduced the software development cycle to weeks or days. This meant the traditional tacked-on approach was no longer feasible.

Silwatech provides DevSecOps solutions and tools that integrate infrastructure security into DevOps and Agile processes and tools, thus making security a part of the product rather than something added once the product is finished.

Let us look at some of the benefits of our top DevSecOps tools.

  • It enables rapid and cost-effective software delivery as all the security issues are managed well without delaying the process. Since security is integrated into the process, it becomes more efficient and cost-effective.
  • DevSecOps follows a proactive approach to security. Since cyber security solutions are part of the development cycle, issues are resolved as soon as they are identified. With better collaboration, all the teams can patch vulnerabilities faster and ensure faster product delivery.
  • DevSecOps integrates vulnerability scanning into the release cycle. Thus, it can quickly manage vulnerabilities.
  • DevSecOps can be automation compatible with modern development and, in the long run, can become a repeatable adaptive process.

Internet Privacy and Security

The internet is as useful as it is risky. There are different kinds of risks an internet connection puts your computer in, like malware, worm, spam, phishing, botnet, virus etc. They can easily infect computer systems. Privacy and security on the internet can mean everything to businesses.

There are different cyber security solutions and technology for internet privacy and security. Some of the internet strategies and tactics include browser selection, multi-factor authentication, email security, firewalls, etc. There are also internet security solutions like antivirus software products, password managers, endpoint security suites etc.

Silwatech provides complete cybersecurity solutions for small and large businesses. You can choose the right products that are integral to your systems. It can include options like content inspection, web filtering, zero-day anti-malware, data loss prevention, SSL inspection, broad integration and much more, which may be delivered as a cloud service or on-premise.

SIlwatech also brings you an advanced secure web gateway to add to your cyber security solutions. This protects you from a large range of web-borne threats. It also enables network optimization and compliance policy enforcement. With a strong SWG from Silwatech, you can fully leverage cloud resources and cloud-based sandboxes.

Network Admission Control

Network access control refers to a cyber security solution that provides network visibility and management access by enforcing policy on devices and corporate network users.

The larger the number of users, the stronger your network security infrastructure has to be. As the number of mobile devices accessing your network increases, so does the associated security risk. It is then that a network access control solution becomes relevant as it provides visibility, access control and compliance capabilities.
Silwatech is one of the leading cyber security solution providers in UAE that provides NAC solutions. Here are some of the features of a NAC.

  • It can have a policy recycle management which saves you from enforcing policies without needing additional modules or different products.
  • It has profiling and visibility features that track user profiles to prevent damage.
  • Guest networking access provides all that is necessary for a guest user.
  • It evaluates policy compliance of users according to user, device and operating system type.
  • It mitigates network threats without administrator attention via security policy enforcement.
  • It can integrate with other security and network solutions.

Cloud Access Security Broker

A cloud access security broker or CASB is an enterprise cyber security solution that enforces security policy between cloud service providers and enterprise users. It helps implement cloud app security for unauthorized and authorized applications and unmanaged and managed devices. It brings together different security policies like credential mapping, encryption, authentication, malware detection etc.

Silwatech brings you CASB solutions that can protect your organization’s digital space. We offer the best CASB solutions that offer a range of security benefits employed at mitigating risk, enforcing policies across devices and applications, and maintaining regulatory compliance. Some of the benefits of cloud access security brokers are

  • Get a comprehensive picture of all cloud activity and employ security measures accordingly. Complete visibility into all cloud applications, whether they are sanctioned or unsanctioned
  • With CASB, you have in-depth control of all cloud usage, giving you the power to limit or allow access to employees, and govern specific activities, applications or services.
  • Protect your sensitive data like proprietary data, financial data, health records, credit card numbers, social security numbers etc. CASB policies enable data loss protection.
  • You have clear visibility of the risk associated with unsanctioned applications, allowing you to take decisions accordingly.
  • CASB can assess high-risk applications, automatically remediate threats, detect unusual behaviour and much more, limiting the organization’s risk,

Web Application Firewalling

Web application firewalling or WAFis a cyber security solution employed to filter and monitor HTTP traffic between the internet and a web application. It protects a web application from cross-site forgery, file inclusion, cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection etc. It is employed along with a suite of cyber security solutions which come together to create a comprehensive defence against attacks.

Silwatech, a leading cyber security solutions company, brings WAF solutions for your organization to protect your web apps from the risks of the internet. Silwatech provides a cloud-native web security platform that protects your sites, services and applications. We provide enterprise-grade security for mission-critical web infrastructure.

With SIlwatech web application firewalling, you have several benefits. You can deploy and configure WAF quickly. It is a simple, powerful security system that does not require complicated certifications or a steep learning curve. It is Agile-friendly and DevOps-ready, as it comes with a full RestAPI. It seamlessly integrates cloud-native services giving you complete security and control.

Silwatech cloud web application firewall ensures protection from web attacks and DDos, stops bad bots, protects mobile apps and APIs, and more. It also gives granular access control and secure app delivery. You also get comprehensive visibility into attacks and traffic patterns and automate and orchestrate security measures,

Unified Device Management

Unified device management is a cyber security solution that allows you to manage all devices like PC, mobile and others via a simple unified platform. It enables secure access to network applications and corporate data on any device. Also known as unified endpoint management, unified device management solutions protect all personal data and devices securely when accessing information or application required. They secure all endpoints, including mobile, laptops, desktops, tablets, wearable tech, etc.

Silwatech delivers secure cyber solutions through unified device management, which allows you to control and manage authorized access to proprietary information. You can secure employee data and follow compliance policies on personal devices and company assets. With a UDM solution, you can also maintain a consistent mobile environment across devices and platforms.

Silwatech Unified Device Management solution offers benefits like:

  • Data and resources can be tracked, managed, protected and secured. This includes everything an employee opens and shares from their devices, like websites, applications and personal files.
  • Proprietary information can be accessed and exchanged only in a controlled manner and by authorized personnel and devices only.
  • Devices of different operating systems and environments can be easily managed.


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