Your business can use video advertising services to create brand awareness through visual content, attract high-intent leads, and take them further along the buying journey. The added advantage is that if you consider the ROI, one video ad campaign can generate better results than text-only ads and help you achieve top ranks in SERPs.

A prominent video advertising agency like Silwatech can help you create video advertising strategies that suit your needs. With a clear view of your goals and intended audience, our experts at Silwatech can help you set up an effective campaign strategy across different platforms. We can unleash the potential of video advertising by finding the right content for the right channel to maximize conversions. With optimized landing pages, regular reviews, and monitoring, Silwatech will help you create the best video ad strategy for your business.

Our Video Advertising Services

At Silwatech, our video marketing agency has expert content creators and marketing specialists who make the most of each platform and create specialized ads according to each one’s format. Our video advertising services cover the full spectrum of ads made for different platforms.

YouTube Video Ads:

The Google Ads campaign is a powerful tool for video advertising in various formats and campaign settings.

Facebook Video Ads:

One of the most effective platforms to place targeted video ads and bring your business story to life.

Instagram Video Ads:

Instagram stories and IGTV allows you to place strategic ads to targeted audiences that give sure shot returns thanks to its immense user base.

Programmatic Video Ads:

Automate the process and transaction involved in placing ads and purchasing space on apps and websites with our powerful tools and strategies.

Why Choose Silwatech as Your Video Advertising Agency?

Now that you have decided to invest in a video marketing agency, here is our take on why that agency should be Silwatech. Silwatech has a long-standing experience as a video advertising company, as we have served businesses that range across different niches. Our experts have created marketing strategies that help businesses thrive in the competitive market. 

When it comes to video advertising services, we have been leading the way in the innovative application of video marketing, finding cost-effective ways to maximize returns. 

We also have extensive experience and skilled teams to work on your project and create ad campaigns that bring in leads and conversions. 

Our transparent process provides a complete view with comprehensive reports, so you are never out of the loop. We use measurable trackers to find the effectiveness of our campaigns and give you real-time reports. Our data-driven performance is constantly monitored to provide insights, optimize wherever necessary and renew strategies for better effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Video advertising is a form of the advertisement using video content. It is highly effective and engaging to viewers and performs better than static content like images and text. It is cost-effective and gives high returns.

Video advertising is ideal for any business as it can offer brands immense exposure and SEO advantages. It is currently the most effective ad format that increases brand awareness, leads, and conversions.

There are many video advertising companies that you can reach out to, especially in Dubai, but to find a reliable one, you will need to reach out to Silwatech. It has rich experience creating the best video ad campaigns for hundreds of businesses across Dubai and worldwide.


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