High-Performance Computing

High-performance computing solutions, or HPC solutions, are an efficient way to process large amounts of data quicker than a standard computer. It is a million times more powerful than the fastest laptop. Organizations that run analytical computations say that a million scenarios, running design simulations, weather forecasting etc., can take up terabytes of data. A high-performance computing solution gives you faster computing capabilities that put you ahead of your competition. It puts you on track to do more while spending less.

Silwatech is a leading provider of server and storage solutions in Dubai, focusing on providing bare metal computing solutions from leading vendors. Our HPC solution provides high memory bandwidth, core count, and large amounts of memory. Our server solutions also provide NVIDIA-based offerings that allow you to work compute graphic-intensive workloads, AI and machine learning algorithms.

Silwatech brings you the best server backup solutions as we bring you a wide range of building blocks, like system configuration, motherboard design, fully integrated rack, liquid cooling systems etc. We customize our server solutions to fit our customers’ needs. Our dedicated server solutions have high scalability, reduced cabling and good serviceability.

Server Hardware

A server is a system or a computer that provides data, resources, programs or services to other computers. The other computer is called a client and is given through a network. A server provides various functionalities or services. They may be sharing data among clients, protecting business information by delivering a secure infrastructure, performing computations etc. You can choose either a cloud-based or on-site server that you maintain yourself. However, on-site sev

Silwatech-hosted server solutions give you a large range of customizable, pre-configured server solutions. With Silwatech, you get several benefits.

The benefits a server offers to a business, especially if you choose from Silwatech server hardware solutions, is that you can tailor your benefits. You also immediately get more control and security for your software and data. Silwatech also offers the best server hardware for virtualisation, so you can have a stable function and high performance for all your virtual operations.

Businesses that have dedicated servers can help with several aspects like system-wide backups and administrations, sharing files and repositories, hosting databases, and print and mail serving. We offer several servers like HP servers, Dell EMC servers, Cisco servers and Fujitsu servers.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Networked attached storage or NAS is a storage device that organizations use to allow storing and accessing data from a central location. It is connected to a network, and authorized users and clients can only access it. It is a cost-effective and efficient option that gives you the advantages of a public cloud while giving you complete control over it.

Silwatech offers you NAS solutions that give you many benefits. With NAS backup solutions from Silwatech, you can operate it independently without needing an IT professional. Our services are cost-effective and easily accessible. You can centralize your storage quickly and create data backups easily, safely, and reliably.

When choosing enterprise NAS solutions, you can choose from all-flash, hybrid or archive nodes that suit you. You can also avoid storage silos by running multiple data protocols with simultaneous access. The storage infrastructure can be easily managed and scaled up or down without disruption. The data you store in it is also safe as it has built-in availability, security, redundancy, replication and data protection. It also has integrated ransomware which defends it from cyber-attacks.

Server Storage

Server storages store data and applications of an organization. These servers may be on-site within the work premises or remote, as in a cloud network. It serves as a repository for the data and application of an organization. It is a necessity of the modern business environment that depends on speed and innovation.

Silwatech provides server and storage solutions that give you scalability and performance. You can access your data, compute large amounts of data, and get insights in real-time. We provide you with a modular architecture that allows you to choose the infrastructure size you need for the workload. Here are some benefits of choosing server and storage solutions from Silwatech.

  • It has a massive storage capacity allows you to scale up fast and cost-effectively.
  • We provide the highest performance required for the latest applications that push the limits. Scalable and Intel Xeon scalable processors are strategically used to balance capacity and computing abilities.
  • We use a multi-generational system design that allows you to customize according to your needs.
  • Our server and storage solutions follow a single management framework which allows you to simplify management for primary and secondary storage.

Synchronized Data Storage

Data synchronization refers to the process of syncing data and updating changes automatically between two or more devices. This process ensures that there is consistency between systems. A synchronized data storage allows easy access to your sensitive business files and collaborates it with other devices. This is especially important in an era that is shifting to remote work.

Silwatech offers server and storage solutions that provide auto-sync cloud storage capabilities. You can access your data securely, share it and manage your workloads effectively. You can access it remotely, create shareable links, sync reports across platforms and devices, etc.

Some of the benefits of using Silwatech synchronized data storage facilities include

  • Share your files securely with your employees and stakeholders with a simple click.
  • Collaborate with your teammates, brainstorm and much more without any disruptions.
  • Use a secure portal to access files across different platforms.
  • You can access your data and applications from anywhere and on different devices or platforms. Remote data access is made more accessible.
  • You have improved data security as you have the latest backup in the server, even if your device is damaged, lost or stolen.
  • Manage access to files from a centralized dashboard to keep access to your files with authorized personnel only.

Storage Optimizers

Storage optimization refers to the collective process, technologies and frameworks that allow the efficient use of resources and storage infrastructure. It ensures that storage resources work efficiently and cost-effectively. Optimizing data storage and network design is crucial to maintaining storage systems. High-performance computing relies on adequate storage space to maximize the benefits of parallel processing.

Silwatech brings you server storage optimisation solutions that help minimize storage/disk usage across all resources and storage tiers. With our data storage optimization tools, you can reduce storage hardware and administration costs, gain better visibility into resources, consolidate existing storage resources through server virtualization etc. Here are some of the processes that are employed in file storage optimization.

  • storage virtualization
  • data classification and visualization
  • integration of storage management software
  • tiered storage architecture
  • policy-based storage automation

With Silwatech storage optimization solutions, you have several benefits:

  • Lower the cost of storing large amounts of data either on-premises or on the cloud.
  • Increase the performance and efficiency of your system with well-organized data.
  • Increase the efficiency of the processes and solutions with optimized data, which also increases customer retention in the long run.

Storage Enclosures

Storage enclosures have evolved from traditional purpose-built storage to software-defined storage. It has built-in intelligence and best practices that help automate service delivery, making it easier to manage as a single platform. Software-defined solutions with preconfigured and standardized storage components are similar to standalone systems in task-specific capabilities. They take a different route to get there—one that is quicker, simpler, and more economical. It relies on software-based specialization and automation to meet various requirements quickly and affordably. This method leads to more reliable and predictable storage solutions that don’t require specialized knowledge to create or maintain them.

However, many storage solutions need to pay more attention to the wide range of the underlying hardware. They merely outline the elements that make up the overall solution and presumptively rely on the IT engineer to construct it skillfully. Most software-defined storage solutions use only local storage and standardized server hardware.

When it is a matter of a single server, configuring and building a solution may not be that hard. But where there are tens and hundreds of such servers, it can be time-consuming and complicated. There are also chances of error which make the whole process complicated.


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