Virtual reality and augmented reality are technologies that seem to defy our sense of reality. They mix reality and imagination in innovative ways with the help of AI and ML to create amazing experiences.

It has been around for a long time and is finding new applications keeping us engaged. AR and VR are now entering the business world, from limited to the gaming and entertainment industry. Let us take a look at the different possibilities and how it is beneficial for businesses.

The Current Possibilities of AR/VR In Mobile Applications

Augmented Reality

AR or augmented reality is used in combination with AI to bring about a lot of new interesting applications using mobile apps. It can modify the user’s environment using a mobile camera and advanced sensors and interact with the external environment. Many applications make use of AR and enhance business benefits.

Current capabilities of AR in mobile apps include placing virtual objects in the real world, which can then be rotated, scaled, animated, and interacted with. This application can be inverted as real objects can be measured using virtual anchors. This can be seen applied in camera apps used for entertainment or even in business apps that use AR for product placement Other applications include sound effects based on the proximity of the source of the sound.

It is also used to detect the human body poses to analyze the different body metrics, which in addition to other metrics, can help choose the ideal exercise for the person. This same technology is used in the fashion and beauty industry to make better purchases suited to the customer.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is extensively used in the entertainment industry. It is used in games that are meant for adults as well as kids. This makes for an immersive gaming experience. The virtual reality experience is created using VR goggles, which are worn, or it uses special devices to insert the mobile phone and make a virtual reality goggle. In addition to the VR goggles, joystick, guns, and swords are used for additional interaction.

However, virtual reality’s usage in other sectors is limited to only certain areas. One of the reasons for this is that virtual reality requires quite a lot of processing power, which is not a necessity available easily for large-scale adoption. It is only used in niche industries and for showcasing. There may be larger adoption once there is more processing power readily available.

Companies like Google and Facebook have created virtual reality worlds which can be experienced using these goggles and devices. However, these, too, are limited by their higher requirements.

How AR and VR Mobile Applications Benefit Businesses

Let us look at some of the applications of VR and AR and how they benefit businesses.

Virtual Reality

  • Immersive and Engaging Training Experience

Virtual reality can enable companies to incorporate immersive experiences that offer better training to their employees. This way, the training can include potentially dangerous, worst-case scenarios but from a safe space. It also makes training more engaging, cost-effective, and interesting.

  • Revolutionize e-Commerce

With e-commerce platforms becoming more popular than brick-and-mortar stores, virtual reality applications are also finding more relevance. Customers can try on a product before buying to make better choices.

  • Better Products Building

With virtual reality, companies can create better designs and create prototypes in virtual reality before making them real. This leads to accurate designs and better products. It also saves the company from making costly mistakes.

  • Better Connectivity

Virtual reality can enable realistic meetings that make business travels a thing of the past. With better connectivity, companies can save much money on travel and fuel expenses. This can also enhance the recruitment processes in companies as participants need not travel to great lengths for an interview.

  • Redefining Marketing

VR can create revolutionary changes in the marketing of a company. With an immersive experience, there is a scope for better brand awareness as well as creating better ad campaigns.

Augmented Reality

Creates Unique Customer Experiences

Augmented reality helps create a unique experience for the customer. It is a mix of both the real and the digital world. All of this is possible with a smartphone that fits in your hands. Customers can experience this even from the comfort of their homes. Businesses can provide unique experiences that make create better connections with the customers.

Eliminates Cognitive Overload

Augmented reality can create aid in processing information better and making informed decisions. Instead of reading through long paragraphs of information for a simple task, which can lead to information overload, AR now enables small snippets of data, presented most simply to convey simply what is necessary.

Heightens User Engagement

Perhaps the most popular aspect of AR is the user engagement it creates. Instead of simply walking into a store and browsing, a user can now take out the camera phone, scan, and find information that let them make better choices. There is also the aspect of mixing the digital world with reality that holds a special appeal. This leads to a more wholesome experience.

Competitive Differentiation

Brands now use augmented reality to their advantage. Building a brand and a loyal customer base is important too. Creativity is needed for a competitive advantage over others. Augmented reality helps companies create a better customer experience and gain the upper hand over the competition.

Summing Up

AR and VR are almost magical technology. It adds the digital to the real world and doesn’t cease to amaze us. With AR and VR finding innovative applications in business, everyone is scrambling to get the most out of it and make it big in the market. However, creating a mobile app that can make heads turn takes a lot of time, effort, and expertise. You need to carefully choose an augmented virtual reality development company for the same. Some companies offer both services and are known as AR/VR development companies. At Silwatech, we have the expertise and experience of the best AR/VR development company you can find to give shape to your dream AR/VR development project. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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