Build a Robust On-Demand Services App That's More Than a Clone of Urban Company

Why should you be satisfied with a simple clone of the highly successful Urban Company app when you could get a lot more?

At Silwatech, our team of expert developers holds the expertise to design a remarkable mobile app that your customers would love. With a range of power-packed features to choose from, we are experts in empowering businesses to reach the heights of success.

Fully Customizable

The app can be customized with a wide range of advanced features to make it fit to your business goals. Designed to stand out from the crowd of other on-demand services applications, our intuitive app is the right companion for your business.

White-labeled and Scalable

We offer fully white-label app solutions that can be rebranded for your business. Our apps are fully scalable and can be modified to accommodate your growing business needs when required.

Suitable for all business models

Whether you are a small startup or an already established business, we discover business objective and provide well-designed apps perfectly tailored to your business requirement and customer’s needs.

Equipped With Covid Safety Features

We offer several add-on features to make your business stand out during the pandemic. Our Covid safety features help address all safety concerns of your customers effectively.

What's Included in Our Urban Company Clone App?

Our best-in-class Urban Company clone app combines several amazing features that enable you to run your on-demand services business with utmost ease.

Customer Panel

Our dedicated panel makes it easier for customers to effortlessly schedule the services they need. Customers can browse through available services, schedule appointments, choose their preferred payment methods, provide feedback, and more without a hassle.

Service Provider Panel

Our efficient service provider panel is designed to simplify the process of offering services to customers. It offers an all-inclusive panel that allows service providers to receive and accept requests, communicate with customers in real-time, receive and manage payments, check and respond to feedback, and more.

Admin Panel

With our integrated admin panel, you can add, manage, and remove service providers, keep track of earnings, run ads and promotions, and generate detailed reports to help business growth.

Service Delivery Agent App

With a fast and easy-to-use app, you can enable your service delivery agents to be more efficient on the job and serve customers better with features like optimized routes, powerful tracking, real-time status updates, income tracking, etc.

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A Range of Stunning Features to Take Your Online Business Closer to Success

Exclusive features that make scheduling on-demand services an effortless task for both service providers and customers.

Easy Registration and Sign-in Process

We offer a quick registration process through social media profiles so that users don't have to go through the hassle of entering their basic information.

Effortless Browsing

With our smart categorization, customers can quickly browse through the available services on their mobile devices. In addition, our advanced filter and search feature ensures they easily locate the services they are looking for.

Manage Profile

Customers can add, change, or delete their profile information, manage preferences, mark favorites, and a lot more in just a few clicks.

Request And Schedule Services

Customers can go through the service details and drop a request to the service provider. They can also schedule an appointment at their preferred time and location.

Multiple Payment Options

With support for multiple modes of payment, paying for services is no longer a hassle for customers. We offer secure online payment gateways as well as cash payment options.

Reviews, Ratings, And Feedback

Customers can add ratings or reviews for services they have opted for, and even leave detailed feedback to help the service provider work on their flaws.

Easy Registration Process

Service providers can easily create their profile on the app by going through a quick and easy registration process that takes no more than a few minutes.

Set And Manage Availability

Service providers can set a fixed time for their services in a few steps. They can toggle their available status with the click of a button.

Instant Notifications

With real-time notifications, service providers are less likely to miss any incoming requests from customers.

View And Approve Requests

Service providers can view all details of customer requests and approve or reject them depending on availability.

In-App Messages

This feature allows service providers to chat securely with their customers without sharing their numbers.

Payment Management

Service providers can add their payment details to securely receive payments from their customers. They can track their earnings as well as pending payments right from the app.

All-in-one Dashboard

Admins can manage every aspect effortlessly. From keeping track of customers to managing service provider listings, commissions, feedback, ratings, and more - do it all from a single integrated window.

Add And Manage Service Provider Profiles

The admin can add service providers after conducting detailed verification to maintain the quality of service. They can also manage and remove profiles as and when needed.

Monitor Service Listings and Requests

Admins can oversee all service listing details and keep track of service requests in real-time.

Payment Management

Set and manage commission rates, track received and pending payments, and more in just a few clicks.

Manage Ads and Promotions

Add, modify or remove discounts and promotions to attract customers to your app. Admins can also set up ads on the app to maximize profits.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Monitor and respond to customer reviews and feedback as and when required, right from the panel.

Availability Status

Enable drivers and service providers to highlight their availability to customers and receive the services on request.

In-App Navigation

With powerful navigation and route optimization features embedded in the app, the service delivery person can find the best routes and manage time efficiently.

Realtime Notification

Service agents receive notifications whenever a service request is made, giving them a choice to accept the request or decline it - all in real-time.

In-App Chat & Calling

Options to communicate within the app via chat and calls allow service delivery agents to easily connect with customers when they are out for delivery.

Track Service Records

Agents can view and monitor all completed service requests in a day or month to keep track of performance and profits.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

The ability to view customer reviews and feedback can help delivery agents stay motivated and boost their performance.

Add-On COVID-19 Safety Features in Your Urban Company App

Cashless Payment

Give customers the option to pay from an array of different digital payment options instead of cash on delivery (COD) to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Safety Assurance

Issue safety assurance badges for service providers and delivery agents who are following COVID-19 protocols to enable greater confidence in customers and offer them peace of mind.

Awareness Section

Include an awareness section in your application to communicate COVID-19-related information and be perceived as a responsible business.

Limit Orders

If a location is designated as a restricted zone under COVID-19 regulations, you can limit services in those areas.

Add & Edit Locations

You can add and edit the areas/locations that might be under quarantine or lockdown and send real-time updates to customers and delivery agents.

Review & Verify Agent Profile

Accept and monitor the relevant medical information of service providers and delivery agents regularly to control the spread of the virus.

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