In today’s intensely-competitive landscape, the upper hand belongs to those who play to their customer’s needs and keep up with the changing market trends. Without fully functioning IT systems and access to emails/data, a business can’t run its day-to-day operations, let alone fulfill these goals. 

Whether it’s about maintaining a robust, uninterrupted, and secure IT infrastructure, increasing revenue with web and software development, or innovating with emerging technologies, tech skills are increasingly important for businesses. But, it’s not feasible for every business to have skilled tech staff on their payroll. This is where resource augmentation services come into the picture.

As organizations become more agile and digital-centric in the post-pandemic world, they are increasingly turning to resource and staff augmentation to fill the need for tech professionals like software developers, IT support and maintenance staff, and SEO experts.  

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “resource augmentation,” here’s a simple explanation.

What is Resource Augmentation?

Businesses may find it difficult to scale up their IT team every time the market turns. The whole process of hiring IT staff in itself is a lengthy procedure. How can businesses beat and stay relevant in a cut-throat industry?

The answer lies in resource augmentation. It is a strategy by which, as the name suggests, talented staff are hired from a third-party IT staff augmentation company on a contractual basis.

Resource augmentation helps your business to:

  • Customize according to your needs:

Choose the kind of resources you need depending on the capacity of your business and the project at hand.

  • Get the right talent

Your current project at hand might need a highly talented IT staff. But finding one can be the hard part. Not anymore, as augmented resource strategy helps you hire the right talent without wasting time.

  • Size down when required:

Your business has the freedom and the flexibility to cut down the team whenever the job requirement is over.

  • Adopt flexible working modes for hired talent:

The internal and contract staff may or may not physically work together, but they can all get work done with virtual workplaces and work-from-home facilities.

When to Opt for Resource Augmentation Services?

  • When the project’s scope is outside the in-house team, it is ideal to opt for resource augmentation services.
  • If a company requires location-specific engineers to design products for a particular country, resource augmentation services can help.
  • Hiring additional support from a resource augmentation company can help your business meet temporary spikes in demands. Certain short-term projects that demand more hands on deck and have tough deadlines call for a resource augmentation model.
  • It is also effective for businesses to reduce the time-to-market of products and thus meet customer needs easily.

How to Implement a Resource Augmentation Strategy?

The business must have a clear framework for implementing the resource augmentation strategy. With a clear plan in mind, there is a lower chance of unexpected losses of time and money. One can follow the points given below to carry out a successful resource and staff augmentation.

  • Assess the business needs of the talent, expertise, experience, and staff.
  • Choosing the right candidate through interviews and tests
  • Integrating the new members into the company
  • Establish strong relations with continued support for the new members

Five Biggest Advantages of IT Staff Augmentation

  • Tapi into the Global Talent Pool

Companies face the difficulty of finding the right resource for their specific need. Looking locally can limit their option drastically. With resource augmentation, a business can look outside of their geographical limits and ensure that they get the right talent they are looking for.

  • Shorten the Recruitment Process

One of the most time-consuming processes in a company is the recruitment process. It takes up precious resources and time. It might not even yield the results you are looking for in the first place.

When you consider resource augmentation, one of the biggest advantages is that you can choose from a pool of competent, specifically skilled, and experienced professionals who are up for hire. This way, you can easily hire, cutting down the process of recruitment.

  • Increased Cost Saving

One of the most obvious advantages of resource augmentation is that you save many costs.

First, you won’t have to invest in infrastructure, training, and equipment for the hired staff. Top staff augmentation services in Dubai UAE provide trained and qualified resources ready for the job.

Second, you can do away with the expenses that typically come with in-house employees, such as taxes, benefits, and incremental salaries.

Third, when hiring a remote team as part of resource augmentation, businesses can choose to hire from countries that provide a cheaper workforce.

  • Reduced Paperwork and Legal Formalities

In-house employees require a lot of paperwork to get inducted into the company. Other legal responsibilities take a lot of time and resources.

The advantage of resource augmentation is that there is no such hectic paperwork involved. The IT staff augmentation company manages the hired staff, which manages all these aspects, including payroll, employee benefits, etc.

  • Increased Ability to Scale

The idea of resource augmentation gives businesses the option of scaling up or down their businesses whenever they need it.

If your business is planning to expand, you can simply choose to augment your staff instead of hiring an entire team. This also reduces the risk involved in the endeavour.

  • Authority Over Projects

Businesses usually outsource their surplus projects to external units. This method, however, does not give the business much control over the work done. With resource augmentation, you have staff working essentially as an extension of your team. Hence you can have better control over the projects at hand. 

Resource Augmentation with Silwatech

As you can see, there are many reasons to hire external resources to augment your current resources.

But these benefits come from working with a trusted and experienced resource augmentation company like Silwatech. You can hire from our excellent team of experienced IT experts with a successful track record across a wide range of domains – software development, UI/UX development, mobile app development, SEO, content creation, and more.

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