Cloud Architecture Consultancy

If your business is transitioning to a cloud server, then what you need to do successfully is a technical strategy, architecture and implementation plan. Silwatech is the cloud architecture consultancy you need to successfully transition to a multi-cloud environment. We provide the guidance you need to address cloud adoption and optimisation inhibitors. Once your company’s needs have been identified, Silwatech cloud architecture consultancy Services can assist in creating a tailored business-ready plan that combines management models, increased security, and cyber resilience with infrastructure and platform strategy.

With our distinctive approach, Silwatech’s team collaborates with your team while adhering to business goals and objectives. Together, we create ecosystems and architectural frameworks that can grow with your company. We incorporate automation and fine-grained controls to appropriately size spending, security, and performance for legacy workloads or cloud-native applications.

Some of the benefits of cloud architecture design from Silwatech cloud architecture design services include

  • Establish a solid strategy to achieve greater value
  • Take advantage of cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Use cloud capabilities like self-service, orchestration, and automation.
  • You can reduce the risk by spreading workloads and data across multiple cloud platforms.
  • A secure environment that addresses compliance across the multi-cloud deployment.

Cloud Advisory Services

Cloud is now a catalyst for business transformation for enterprises. Enterprises can now service clients in a digital native manner while ensuring that their distributed workforce is effective and independent of location. All of this must be done without compromising security, resiliency and compliance. The success of implementing this hinges on the strategy the enterprise takes for cloud adoption and deployment.

Silwatech cloud advisory services help enterprises have an end-to-end strategy and realization roadmap. At Silwatech, we provide insights and expertise so that you do not have to do it from scratch and rely on luck for success. We bring expertise and experience to the table.

  • Cloud Business Strategy and Solution Design: We design new business models and business-enabling capabilities enabled by cloud solutions to help our clients accelerate their digital transformation.
  • Cloud Adoption Strategy: we help clients with critical business decisions by building a cloud adoption strategy that gives them a comprehensive roadmap for cloud adoption.
  • Cloud Organization and Operating Model: By creating an operating model that enables businesses to embrace the move to the cloud, we assist our clients in bringing about change.
  • Cloud Economics and Financial Management: To transform cloud computing from a cost centre into a value driver, we assist our clients in developing Cloud Finance Management competencies.
  • Cloud Transformation Office: Our integrated transformation approach helps drive cloud adoption while focusing on business engagement and readiness for adoption.

Cloud Readiness and Migration Services

Cloud readiness and migration services are a delivery-ready strategy allowing businesses to choose how to move their applications to the cloud. Silwatech provides cloud readiness and migration services to accelerate your cloud adoption. At Silwatech, we undertake an exhaustive discovery and analysis of all applications. We also provide suggestions for cloud readiness and optimal hosting solutions.

Here are some of the features of our cloud migration consulting services

  • upfront migration costs and plans.
  • applications will be ranked in order of importance based on business needs, budgets, and deadlines.
  • data centre modernisation, migrations
  • data analytics and business intelligence
  • security cleared staff
  • public, private and hybrid cloud planning and migration services
  • security, networking, backups cost management, automation
  • full lifecycle of professional services to complete your migrations

The benefits of cloud migration services with Silwatech include having an independent approach to cloud migration. We optimise applications for cost reduction, improve service availability and resilience, simplify application management, upskill existing IT staff etc.

We also automate standard admin processes to reduce overhead charges, adaptable design of cloud services, availability to vendor-agnostic cloud architects, etc.

Multi-Cloud Assessment Consultancy

A multi-cloud strategy enables you to take advantage of all the cloud’s advantages while minimizing its disadvantages. Each hosting provider has unique strengths and weaknesses. You can choose the best functionality on various cloud hosting platforms with multi-cloud. You can maximize the benefits IT offers to your company by doing this.

Silwatech multi-cloud assessment consultancy gives you the right insights and support while you adopt a multi-cloud strategy. You can rely on us for a comprehensive cloud assessment consultation while you make your big business moves. Here are some of the benefits of multi-cloud strategy adoption.

  • Get the best hosting infrastructure for specific workloads, driving innovation throughout the organization while enhancing performance and the quality of service delivery.
  • Select the platform that provides the best value for your target workload to lower operating costs. Organizational pools and volume licensing discounts can cut costs even more while providing unified visibility into the status of your infrastructure.
  • By diversifying your IT operations across several cloud hosting platforms, you can increase operational resilience against IT outages. To prevent localized network congestion or hardware failures, you can increase this resilience by dispersing your IT operations across numerous locations.

Cloud Workload Protection Services

Cloud Workload Protection solutions protect cloud VMs, containers and Kubernetes apps, containerised offerings and serverless functions. Silwatech cloud workload protection services help cloud infrastructure and DevOps teams adopt an architecture that suits them. They need not worry about security keeping pace with protecting tech stacks or with release cycles

Silwatech offers cloud workload protection to support public and private clouds, security integrated across app lifecycles, and agentless scanning and agent-based protection.

Our workload protection services include the following:

  • Vulnerability Management: a comprehensive view across the app lifecycle to help prioritize risks in real-time across private cloud, public cloud, or on-prem environment for every container, host and serverless function.
  • Compliance: controls designed to monitor compliance status and uphold compliance for ephemeral, dynamic infrastructures. views of compliance status for hosts, containers, and serverless operations in real-time and in the past.
  • CI/CD security: a method using a consolidated platform that incorporates hardening checks and vulnerability scanning into the CI/CD workflow.
  • Runtime Defense: Whether you’re running on a private cloud, a public cloud, or on-premises, we make sure hosts, containers, and serverless applications are secure.
  • Container access control: leverage security that is optimized for cloud-native architectures.

Cloud Security Assessment

A cloud security assessment is a review examining and testing a company’s cloud infrastructure to ensure it is safe from various security risks and threats. Silwatech’s Cloud Security assessment methodology continuously monitors and assesses your cloud assets and resources for non-standard deployments and misconfigurations. Silwatech provides a cloud app for visibility and continuous security of cloud infrastructure

With Silwatech cloud security assessment, you get:

  • Continuous security monitoring: identify threats caused by misconfigurations, non-standard deployment and unwarranted access and boost your overall security.
  • Insight and threat prioritization: A 360-degree view of the security posture of cloud assets is provided, allowing users to contextually prioritize remediation efforts based on cloud host vulnerabilities, compliance requirements, and threat intelligence insights.
  • Security controls: With its no-code workflow interface, you can design unique controls and corrections easily, and get a wide range of security controls.
  • Infrastructure as code assessment: IaC evaluation can be done at any point in the pipeline, including when the source code is checked into the repository, during integration, and before deployment. DevOps teams can evaluate their security posture earlier in the development process, significantly lowering the risk of security breaches after deployment.

Cloud-Based Virtual Desktop Solutions

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows employees to work and access business applications remotely from within a desktop environment and application. It is enabled by desktop virtualization solutions which create a virtual computing system known as a virtual machine or VM.

A virtual desktop infrastructure solution running on a VM on a host server allows IT managers to deploy corporate data, applications, desktops etc., to users in virtual data centres. There are many benefits to employing a cloud-based virtual desktop solution.

  • Increased scalability: cloud computing has improved VDI by utilizing scalable infrastructure to use resources as needed by the VDI. This significantly reduces the hardware requirements and purchases
  • Centralized management: VDIs give administrators a centralized management structure that lets them patch, update and modify all virtualized desktops simultaneously. Since all the components are backed up in the data centre, it also enables a comprehensive desktop disaster recovery strategy.
  • Security: Businesses can maintain confidentiality since the applications live on the host server in the data entry, not the client device.
  • Accessibility: Enable remote workspaces with a BYOD policy
  • Cost-effective: The processing happens on the server, thus reducing the need to invest in IT. hardware expenses are reduced.

Cloud IP Telephony Solutions

Silwatech Concierge is a complete cloud IP telephony solution that is an omnichannel messaging platform that connects customers and businesses in meaningful ways. It can be customized for your business and designed to simplify and accelerate digital transformations. You can implement Concierge from Silwatech, the best cloud telephony provider in UAE, regardless of where you are in your business journey.

Silwatech Concierge provides a plug-and-play approach that is flexible and customizable according to its functionalities, requirements, marketing strategies and budget.

Cloud IP telephony solutions provide you with the ability to connect across the globe instantly through different communication channels like SMS, MMS, push notifications, voice and video, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, RCS and more.

With Silwatech cloud IP telephone solutions, you get total visibility for mobile messaging. The Silwatech Contact Centre is a complete, unified, cloud-native platform designed to support multichannel or Omni channel communication between customers and agents in a way that improves both the customer and agent experience.

With the Silwatech Contact Centre cloud suite, you can streamline businesses, decrease costs and increase revenue, optimize customer experience, interworking, analytics, roaming monetization etc. A cloud contact center platform typically includes essential contact center applications like automatic call distributors (ACDs), interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and workforce management (WFM) software.

Containerized Applications

Containerization is a significant trend in software development which is often used as an alternative or a companion to virtualization. In containerization, all the components of an application, including the software code and dependencies, are bundled together or encapsulated so that it can be run uniformly and consistently in any infrastructure. A container is portable, lightweight and can be easily automated.

Silwatech brings you containerized applications that give your business numerous benefits. Some of them are:

  • Free your apps: Containers, Kubernetes, and microservices are great tools to free apps from the bounds of infrastructure. They can then independently run anywhere. Silwatech helps you take advantage of these cloud-native platforms, proactively manage production apps, and automate containerised workload delivery.
  • Simplify your Ops: Adding Kubernetes to your infrastructure is simpler than you think. With consistent, conformant Kubernetes deployed everywhere, you can prepare your infrastructure for modern apps. Give developers a self-service, compliant experience that paves the way for production. Then, manage, control, and keep an eye on all cloud-based apps and clusters centrally.
  • Dev and Ops together: Silwatech’s IT solutions are great for DevOps teams for continuous software development and delivery.

Secure Service Mesh

A service mesh has features that make an application more reliable, secure and observable. Instead of the application layer, these features are offered at the platform layer. A service mesh is typically implemented as a collection of network proxies, with application code controlling their behavior. Service mesh, when combined with API management, increases microservice agility. It allows you to centrally manage, secure, discover and scale any service in any architecture.

Silwatech offers you a secure service mesh to add to your business infrastructure. Here are some of the advantages of meshes:

  • Simplified service-to-service communication
  • Easier diagnosis of communication errors
  • Increase the speed of development, testing and deployment of applications
  • Network services can be efficiently managed when sidecars are used alongside container clusters.
  • The service mesh supports security features like encryption, authentication and authorization.

Zero-Trust Security and Service Mesh

There is a higher rate of implementing a zero-trust approach within organizations. A service mesh helps in the implementation of the zero-trust approach. It can enforce mutual Transport Layer Security for all microservices communication, manage authorisation and identity for microservices, enable central access control management, and enforce the least provision for each microservice and role. It facilitates monitoring and observability for microservices and adds controls over ingress and egress.

Cloud Authentication Solutions

Security is paramount for every business. This is also why modern businesses look for strong user authentication and access control. There is always the threat of phishing, data breaches, or the use of weak passwords, which can compromise user account credentials. Cloud authentication solutions are an excellent way for businesses to implement strong authentication that will increase the security of applications.

Silwatech brings you cloud authentication solutions that make accessing your application easier. Our cloud authentication services offer protection from the threat of phishing and other cyber crimes. Here are some of the services we provide as a cloud identity provider.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO): SSO streamlines the login process using a single credential. When a user logs in to the SSO provider, they can access any other accounts that are also using the SSO service without having to log in again.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): To authenticate to a service, MFA requires the user to provide multiple factors (password, biometrics, trusted device). This makes it more challenging for attackers to exploit passwords stolen through phishing or data breaches.
  • Identity Management: User identities and permissions are tracked across applications as part of identity management. This entails confirming a user’s identity, setting up their account with the proper permissions and credentials, and carrying out authentication throughout the account’s lifecycle.

Cloud Integration Services

Cloud integration is a system of tools and technologies that enable real-time data exchange by connecting various systems, applications, repositories and IT environments. Cloud integration solutions were developed to eliminate data silos, enhance connectivity and visibility, and improve business processes. It allows the sharing of data among cloud-based applications and unifies information components.

Silwatech brings you the best cloud-based data integration services that improve operational efficiency, increase flexibility and scalability and give faster time-to-market. With a cloud-to-cloud integration, you will also have benefits like better internal communication, customer service, support and customer retention. Businesses can also significantly reduce operational costs and increase revenue, gaining an overall advantage against competitors.

Businesses can opt for a cloud-to-cloud integration, cloud-to-on-premises integration, or a combination. Integrations may be across different components like data and applications. Businesses can also opt for a third-party provider to create cloud integrations to build their own customized cloud data integration solution.

On-Premise Cloud Solutions

The concept of on-premise cloud solutions is contradictory, as the cloud refers to a server at an offshore location. An on-premise cloud solution is where the server is located internally. Businesses with on-premise cloud solutions will have an internal data centre to host the cloud server. Unlike the cloud solutions located elsewhere, on-premise cloud solutions give you a new level of control of your servers and the data within.

If you are looking for an excellent way to have your on-premise cloud solution, Silwatech is what you need. At Silwatech, we set up the best on-premise cloud storage for your business needs. Having an on-premise cloud solution comes with several advantages. Let’s take a look at them.

  • They are more protected than an offshore cloud solution as they are in-house and managed by internal IT teams.
  • You are in control of the security, configuration and scalability of your servers
  • Your data is more secure as you can create internal networks to use your confidential data. Industries that require the highest kind of privacy are likely to use on-premise cloud solutions.

Data Center Colocation Consultancy

A colocation data center is a sizable data center that provides rack space for rent to outside parties to house their servers or other network equipment. Businesses needing more funds to maintain their data center but still want to reap the benefits find this useful.

If your business is trying to make a solid IT infrastructure, you will want to find a suitable data center space to host your company’s servers. This is one of the most crucial aspects of building an IT infrastructure. Doing it on your own can seem like trying to find a needle in the haystack. This is where Silwatech comes in as your data center colocation consultancy.

Silwatech is a recognised industry leader in data center colocation consulting. We can provide the right solutions for your needs so your business can get going with safe data colocation for your data servers.

At Silwatech, we assess your data center requirements first, identify high-performance and low-cost solutions worldwide, generate RFPs and compare prices, and finally tour spaces and make recommendations. We make sure you get the most outstanding value for your money.

Cloud Application Security Solutions

Cloud application security comprises policies, controls and processes that help businesses protect data and applications in collaborative cloud environments. Your business will need cloud application security solutions to defend your data from cybercrimes, non-compliance issues and much more.

Silwatech is a leading provider of cloud application security solutions. By utilizing data from connected cloud IAAS provider accounts to automatically identify misconfigurations and policy lapses that introduce risk, Silwatech can help you strengthen your cloud security posture. We also provide end-to-end solutions for enterprises across all platforms.

Silwatech cloud application security solutions will provide a host of services like:

  • Understand how your cloud islands are configured. You can then evaluate the access controls and permissions.
  • Identify Issues of Non-Compliance and company-specific security policies.
  • Automatically close security gaps as soon as they are found.
  • Automate cloud asset compliance
  • Learn how your AWS instances compare to the CIS Amazon Web Services Foundation Benchmark.
  • Learn how Azure instances compare to CIS Microsoft Azure Foundations Benchmark.
  • Learn how your GCP instances compare to the CIS Google Cloud Platform Foundation Benchmark.

Cloud Automation

Cloud automation refers to using technology, tools and resources that reduce the manual burden of provisioning and managing cloud computing workloads. Businesses hire cloud automation services to implement it to reap its immense benefits.

Silwatech is the leader in providing cloud automation services. We enable cloud management tools and solutions to perform most functions with minimal manual intervention. We provide services like adding new instances of an auto-scaling scenario with auto-scaling groups, meeting scaling requirements with auto-provisioning servers, identifying and stopping unused ones, and taking data backups with intervals at a pre-set time.

Cloud automation has a wide range of use cases, tools and resources. Cloud automation comes with many benefits:

  • Cost-savings: automating tasks that would otherwise take manual labor, which means you can cut down operational costs, labor costs and maintenance burdens.
  • Increase speed of innovation: With more time and less responsibility for manual work, organizations can innovate faster and speed up developmental processes.
  • Better control: automation is built on internal processes and policies, which gives them better control to make changes when necessary
  • Implement DevOps successfully: automation builds collaborations between teams, creating better DevOps practices.

Cloud Change Management Solutions

Cloud change management refers to the changes in IT systems to minimize risks to the production environment while changing management policies, risk controls and audits. Businesses often use cloud change management solutions to migrate data to the cloud, maintain updated compliance requirements, and accomplish IT change goals.

Silwatech provides cloud change management solutions that add value to your organization. With our cloud change management solutions, you can anticipate and accommodate the upcoming change for reduced downtime and better preparedness.

Some of the benefits of using cloud change management solutions are:

  • Faster change implementation through an agile approach to change management using automation and route changes through a centralized repository.
  • Reduce the time taken for approvals as changes in the cloud are self-managed, and the shift in approach from change control to change enablement.
  • Sync between IT and business teams, organizations can leverage infrastructure as code to plan IT and business activities with common goals.
  • The style of leadership changes to a more autonomous one which encourages peer review and removes the lengthy approval process.
  • Automates risk assessment processes for better convenience and accuracy.


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