Our Display Advertising Services

Silwatech is a PPC advertising service provider that offers impeccable service in all the areas concerning display advertisement. From conceptualizing the idea to implementing it to get the desired results, we offer our expertise in every way possible. Our services include:


Our strategists collect data to make a strategy that maximizes returns within the given budget, drives traffic and conversions to your website, and designs the ad and your website to increase engagement.

Campaign Creation:

Our specialists create a whole rounded campaign to have the maximum reach, to reach the qualified target audience, and optimized budget usage.


Our teams then test the current display ads to analyze their performance against your ad objectives and goals.


The ad and its different aspects are optimized to perform better and give better ROI.


We provide real-time reporting on the advertisement and its performance, with insights on its optimization to improve its performance.

Why Choose Silwatech as Your Display Advertising Company

Silwatech is a reliable display advertising agency in Dubai that is focused on performance and ROI. We provide unparalleled service in display advertising for businesses throughout different sectors. We are the team you can rely on if you are looking for a display advertising company that won’t let you down.  

However, if you are still wondering if you can manage to do display ads in-house, you might be mistaken. As simple as it seems, a lot goes on behind the scenes. Every ad that you see on the Display Network undergoes rigorous optimizations to reach you. A lot of analyzing and tweaking is involved in bringing you the best possible returns for your business. This takes a lot of time and experience to complete within a stipulated time and budget. 

When you hire us, you are getting a strong team of experts in marketing and strategy at your disposal and the full services of a display marketing agency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Display advertising is a great investment if you want increased traffic and conversions. It is highly cost-effective, heavy on returns, and highly targeted, giving you highly qualified leads.

Yes, they are different. Paid search ads are placed in search engine results. Hence particular search results will show the paid search ads on top. However, display ads are placed within websites in a Google Display Network network.

Unless you are experienced in digital marketing, it is recommended that you hire the expert services of a display ads services company. They are well equipped with the expertise and the tools to achieve the desired results.

Silwatech is a display advertising agency in Dubai that has collaborated with hundreds of companies to run successful ad campaigns. We deliver high ROI, traffic, and overall results.


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