Businesses of all sizes involve AI in mobile app development to gain a profit in the market. Are you thinking about applying AI to your app development process?

With over 8 million mobile apps available in the market, it is critical for businesses to develop apps that help them sustain today’s market competition and growth. That is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) plays a significant role. Incorporating AI in mobile app development can offer countless benefits, like seamless user experience and boosting business growth. 

But before adopting AI, make sure you have enough information about AI, how it works, its scope in mobile app development, its benefits, and the top reasons to invest in AI App Development. Let’s explore the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development in detail, so you can consider every factor before choosing AI for your business growth.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and how does it work?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that deals with building smart machines, software, and applications capable of performing tasks that usually require human intelligence. AI works by simulating human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and imitate human intelligence. 

AI has revolutionized the digital era and infiltrated every aspect of our everyday lives, from lifestyle improvements to business benefits. Businesses worldwide are incorporating AI with their functions to improve efficiency and provide a better customer experience significantly. 

Artificial Intelligence uses machine learning to mimic human cognitive functions. It works by combining huge amounts of data with intelligent algorithms that process iteratively to learn from patterns or features in the data. 

Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

According to Grand View Research, the global AI market size valuation was $136.55 billion in 2022. has predicted that the global market worth of AI is expected to surpass $89 Billion by the end of 2025. Tech giants like Google, Apple, and various organizations are adopting AI technology in mobile app development to cater to user expectations and enjoy better business gains. 

With AI, businesses can understand user behavior based on past requirements and patterns. Thus, brands can customize their apps to provide a better customer experience, increasing engagement and retention. Adopting AI in app development allows one to stay ahead of competitors and gain more profit. 

AI-enabled applications aim to boost business value through learning, analysis and problem-solving.  

Let’s explore how AI is useful in app development.

Reasons to Invest in AI App Development   

As organizations continue to deploy AI technologies in mobile app development, they are beginning to reap tangible benefits like increased productivity, improved efficiency, improved earnings, cost savings, etc.  

AI software requires substantial investments because machine learning models are integrated with conventional software development processes to create AI-based software. Such integration requires extensive resources needed to work with big data. Hence, AI adoption requires considerable investment.   

However, the numerous benefits of AI in mobile app development assert that no matter how big or small your company is, the best time to incorporate AI is now. 

These are some of the top reasons why it is worth investing in AI for mobile app development:

  1. Real-Time User Assistance

AI technology makes tasks easier without human intervention. Most applications have AI-powered chatbots integrated within to perform all assigned tasks 24×7 and even handle conversations between the brand and users to provide them assistance without any human assistance. The chatbots act as customer care agents and quickly provide answers to customer queries and requests. This helps a business save costs by employing a customer care team. 

You can list the most repetitive and frequently asked user questions, and your developers can then design Chatbots to answer those questions. Thus, your company can provide 24X7 assistance without any customer agent. And the best part is that, unlike humans, these bots do not demand work-offs, breaks, holidays, or perks. 

  1. Powerful App Authentication

The role of AI in mobile app development could be transformative for an organization, as it has a powerful impact on App Security and User Authentication. With cybercriminals and hackers always on the prowl to damage technological advancements, companies need to stay ahead of the technology curve to assess threats to app security and act in advance for real-time risk prevention.  

Integrating AI on mobile phones can help maintain a strong defense by staying abreast of irregularities and anomalies in user behavior. Advanced technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain can reduce threats and vulnerabilities, facilitating a smoother authentication process and user experience. 

  1. Automated Reply Functions

You can create auto-reply features using AI in mobile app development. This can improve communication between your application and the user. The benefit is greatly valued. 

Google has employed AI with auto-reply features in the Gmail application. When you receive a message from someone, Google’s smart-reply feature understands it and suggests how you can answer the message accordingly. 

  1. Real-Time Language Translation

You can integrate AI-enabled translators into any mobile app you’re developing. Although there are more than 25 translation apps in the market, most work online only. This is the benefit that AI-enabled translators bring to the table. They instantly allow the device to translate various languages in real time, even without internet connectivity.  

Since AI enables machine learning, AI-powered apps can learn and translate different dialects of a language. Plus, with AI, the translation can be adjusted for latency. Thus, users can set the lag between a spoken word and its translation. AI-enabled translators in phones, laptops, and other devices ensure that users can communicate worldwide without any problem.   

  1. Enhanced Security with Facial Recognition

To improve user security and satisfaction, Apple Inc. launched Facial recognition in 2017. In the beginning, the facial recognition feature had issues, like light sensitivity, and it couldn’t recognize a person in case of any change in appearance, like putting spectacles on. 

But nowadays,  due to an AI-based algorithm and Apple’s elaborate hardware, Apple iPhone X and subsequent versions provide enhanced face recognition with added features and functionality. You can easily unlock your phone with face recognition even if you change your look.      

AI-enabled Facial recognition further ensures that children do not get access to restricted content on the Internet and can also be used to identify or predict a cybersecurity threat. It also finds use in the healthcare sector, as facial recognition can scan a patient’s face, detect symptoms, and diagnose the problem.  

  1. Enhanced Search

The advantages of AI in mobile app development include an enhanced search option. Developers are integrating AI and ML (machine language) to develop voice and image recognition, which is known to improve the performance of mobile apps.  One such AI-based enhanced search feature is Google Lens, introduced by Google. If you click a picture of a product using Google Lens, it will search and display all details of that particular product. 

Implementing enhanced search in your app development can improve user experience and make the app more user-friendly. This, in turn, can boost your conversion rates. 

  1. Recommendation Services

The benefits of Artificial Intelligence for app development are undeniable. You can use AI to provide relevant content and continuously engage your users with your brand or services. 

For example, in most eCommerce apps, you’ll notice the feature “customers who bought this also bought..” along with certain product suggestions. This can help the brand get more purchase orders and improve customer retention rates. 

The mobile app collects the data of the user’s choice and feeds the data pattern into the AI-based algorithm. It then makes recommendations based on those choices which the user finds interesting. As a result, there’s a greater chance of a purchase. This also improves the overall customer experience, as the customers don’t have to keep searching for items in your app. 

Although AI Recommendation Services are mainly used by eCommerce and entertainment apps, they can be readily used by any business that involves upselling or cross-selling of content.

  1. Emotion Recognition

AI also allows apps to read human emotions. The technology does so by using advanced image processing and audio data interpretation. It collects human senses through voice intonation, subtle speech signals, and facial expressions. 

As Emotion Recognition improves mobile app performance, many businesses use AI-enabled emotion recognition to pair with their most sought-after apps. For example, users can use emotion recognition to watch movies or play the music that suits their mental health. 

  1.    Automated Reasoning

Automated reasoning enables applications to use logical and analytical reasoning to solve problems like proving theorems and solving puzzles. Through this feature, AI-enabled machines defeat humans at games such as chess and jobs like market stock trading.                                                                                                                                

A host of organizations have integrated automated reasoning into their apps. For example, Uber uses logical reasoning to study and process huge amounts of data from Uber rides along similar routes in the past. The app then uses the data to predict the time to reach the destination, estimated fare, etc., thereby aiding riders to reach their destination earlier. This feature allows the user to enjoy a smooth and comfortable experience. 

  1. Learning Behavioral Patterns

Most AI-integrated apps learn from user behavior patterns and use the data to make future sessions more intuitive and seamless. For example, Snaptravel, a half-human half-bot hotel booking app, uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to create realistic-sounding conversations with customers on the basis of their preferences. 

If the bot cannot understand or answer a particular question, a human service agent takes over and handles the conversation. The app teaches the bot how to handle such situations and ensures they do not repeat the same mistake. 

  1. Relief from Repetitive Tasks

Another reason organizations are showing a growing interest in AI app development is that AI allows the workforce respite from repetitive and monotonous tasks like printing a file, checking records and files, arranging records sequentially, etc., by performing such tasks on its own.  

  1. Reduced Error Rate

AI-enabled applications work based on definite algorithms which help record every minute detail, even when multitasking. This makes it virtually impossible for them to miss any detail or make any computational mistake. Thus the results delivered are accurate with a low error rate. 

  1. Fast Decision Making

AI in app development possesses cognitive capabilities. It collects and analyzes data in less time and helps businesses to look ahead and make faster decisions utilizing the best AI trends used by global app development companies. 

  1. Personalized Experience

Finally, AI-enabled apps are made to interact with customers in real-time, collect required information, help to understand customer behaviour, and provide a personalized experience. That sums up why there’s a steep rise in the application of Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps.  

The above points show how users and your business can benefit from AI-integrated mobile app development. How you can integrate AI and make your apps intelligent while making your business grow.  

How Silwatech Helps in App Development Solutions

Silwatech is a reliable AI app development company that helps businesses automate their repetitive work, make accurate decisions, improve speed, and reduce operating costs. At Silwatech, our dedicated team of highly skilled developers build world-class AI-enabled apps for every sector – education, automotive, healthcare, finance, bioscience, etc.

Our scalable services empower organizations to streamline their operations, enhance user experience, and increase revenue. We employ our expertise to develop AI integrated android app development and iOS app development. 

If you are considering incorporating AI in your mobile apps to keep your customers hooked or to grow in leaps and bounds in the current competitive market, contact the team at Silwatech to discuss your requirements and get a free cost estimate. 

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