The requirements for technology are changing every day. It changes based on our needs and preferences. But one technology that won’t change anytime soon is Java. It is one of the most famous priorities for investment among companies. 

Java is an essential computing platform used as a programming language. From electronic devices to servers and spanning the web- there are certain things only the Java language can help you accomplish. And for that, either you will have to learn Java yourself or hire a Java developer. Since Java is the most common computing language to learn and use, hiring a developer will be a cakewalk. Take a look at our guide to understand the simple procedure. 

What is Java?

Java is considered the most common and demanding programming language. This object-oriented computing language is reliable, secure, and does the job quickly. Java users call the Java language universal and user-friendly. There are reasons why many people learn Java; one is that you can use it for all types of devices. You can use it on laptops, gaming consoles, mobile phones, data centers, the internet, and even supercomputers that are used for scientific purposes. 

Whether your business is a startup or you have been in the industry for years does not matter. If Java is a new language to you, you will need some time to adapt to it. Instead, you can hire a professional Java developer that will take only a few steps. 

Why Should You Hire a Java Developer?

Hiring a Java developer nowadays is a need of the hour. Some businesses do not look for an individual or a group of Java developers. Instead, they look for a Java development company that can help create high-performing products and services featuring Java. It is easier that way. 

Java technology is evolving with time and people’s requirements. If you want to keep up with the evolution, you need to consider only a java developer’s capabilities.

A software engineer with years of experience with Java and other frameworks might not be the most suitable professional for your in-house requirements. This is because when it comes to Java, the professional must be knowledgeable about using various Java tools and libraries. The professional also should be able to write readable Java codes neatly. If the professional does not understand Java library tools and documentation, they will have to learn those things from scratch, which is time-consuming.

But if you are working with a developer already experienced with Java libraries and frameworks, it will help you grow your business. A Java developer can help you boost your business profit using their knowledge, skills, talent, and experience regarding Java. Moreover, hiring a Java developer will benefit your business if you are considering integrating the latest technologies like artificial Intelligence and the cloud. 

So it goes without saying there are certain skills you should look for when hiring a Java developer.

What Skills Do You Need to Look for in A Java Developer?

Here are some of the things you must consider, especially when you are asking how to hire a Java developer:

The Developer Must be Proficient in Object-Oriented Programming

If the person you are working with lacks strong knowledge of object-oriented programming or OOP, he can’t help you in the long run. Verify if the professional can create and use objects effectively and also understands the differences between encapsulation and inheritance as well as abstraction and polymorphism. If the developer you are working with is capable enough, he will be knowledgeable about these functions.

They Must Have Web Development Experience

Verify if the person you hire has experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript web development languages. These web development languages are mandatory for creating web applications and websites. If the professional has no prior knowledge and hands-on experience with JavaScript, CSS, or HTML, they are not a good fit for your organization. 

They Must be Experienced with Operating Databases

Oracle and MySQL are some of the most common database technologies in which a web developer should have experience. Knowledge regarding this is important because the person you are hiring may need to build a database integrated with web applications. Confirm if the java developer is familiar with SQL queries.

They Should Be Able to Debug and Solve Problems Whenever Required

As a java developer, your employee should be able to detect and resolve errors in the application codes. Even if the code is error-free, a good java developer can troubleshoot any problem in the production area if it is within their criteria. The person you are working with checks if they have a logical approach when it comes to problem-solving. This efficiency is essential to resolve any issue quickly as soon as it arises.

They Should Be Able to Communicate Efficiently

This is not only limited to Java developers; any professional in any field should have good communication skills. The person you are hiring needs to be a good communicator because they will join your growing organization where there will be other members they have to cooperate with. Collaboration is one of the best practices for any project you work on, and without communication skills, things will go willy-nilly. 

They Must Know Things About APIs and Frameworks

There are different Java frameworks that only Java developers know. Spring, Struts, Hibernate, etc., help developers in building web apps in a short amount of time. If the developer you are working with is familiar with application programming interfaces (APIs), it will help them integrate the Java programs with third-party apps or services.

They Should Be Able to Manage Time Effectively

Time management skill is another mandatory element for all professionals. Likewise, a successful java developer will know how to manage their time efficiently so that they can meet deadlines for the projects. Time management skills, along with organizational skills, are important for your employees to handle projects smoothly.

They Must Be Detail-Oriental

Attention to detail is another must-have skill for Java developers because if there is even a small mistake in the code, it can lead to huge errors and bugs in the product. When the person you are hiring has a keen eye for capturing the details, it will help them and your developer team ensure the application code is correct. A developer with attention to detail skills can easily identify errors and will rectify them in no time.

They Should Have a Flexible Work Approach   

Flexibility is a requirement in a software development role because it will help your developers approach the methods that come with desired results. If your developers are not flexible enough, they won’t be able to shift from one method to another if something doesn’t work out. Adapting to changing circumstances is not only a trait for every human, but it is also an essential benchmark for Java developers. 

They Must be Curious

We have already mentioned before that technology is a rapidly evolving thing, and that’s why it is important for all of us to remain current with the latest trends. If the Java developer you are about to work with is not curious about learning new skills to make themselves better in the field, there is no need to hire them. 

Where Can You Find Professional Java Developers?

When you are looking for Java developers, you will see many channels where you can find them. Job portals like Indeed and Monster are the most popular places to find professional Java developers. Or you can also go to freelancers’ sites, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. There is another way you can find professional Java developers, which is by reaching out to universities and colleges directly that offer specialized technology degrees. 

Post your Java requirement to your Linkedin, Github, and social handles. You will find qualified candidates from there. Networking also helps sometimes to find qualified developers for your organization; to do that, you may have to join social events or ask your colleagues for word-of-mouth referrals.

It does not matter how you hire a developer; when hiring one, ensure that the person checks all the criteria boxes. 

How to Hire a Java Developer for Your Company?

Now that you know what criteria you should look for in a java developer, it’s time to learn how to hire one. Choose a portal where you can post your job requirement and then continue with the steps below.

Share Your Java Development Needs

Before you interview a candidate, you must tell them your Java development requirements. Align the requirements with your business goals so that you can make sure that those specifications meet your expectations. Some of the most important things to consider are your company’s long-term objectives, technologies that will help you improve your products, user requirements, specifications, features, and so on. 

The first step in initiating the hiring process of Java developers is to understand your business’s requirements and act accordingly.

Select Your Project’s Category

Determine what types of software you want to produce because every Java project has its own requirements. That’s why you must find a developer who meets those requirements and will fit your team perfectly. Java web development, Java game development, Java application development, Java system integration, etc., are some of the many types of projects you can work on.

Verify Their Knowledge and Experience

When you are considering a candidate, take into account all your business needs and not just IT. Specify the desired result you are looking for from the candidate you are about to hire. The professional you partner with must have enough experience and knowledge regarding Java and related technologies. So if you encounter any setbacks in the project, they will help you.

Interview The Candidates Keenly

The recruitment process is complex, and thus it should be taken seriously. You should not compromise anything when you are interviewing a Java developer. It might seem convenient to hire a whole team of developers. But interviewing a single developer closely will give you more insights into their technical skills, which is actually helpful. The developer you are interviewing makes sure to meet all the skills we discussed in this guide. Additionally, ensure the candidate has basic knowledge regarding MVC, relational databases, algorithms, SQL queries, Web Services, Java beans, RESTfull services, etc.

Help Them Understand Your Bussiness Operations

A professional can have years of experience but still feel clueless after joining a new team. It is mainly because every business has different requirements and operations. After interviewing your candidates, if you feel they are a perfect fit for your growing team, ensure there is no communication gap between you and the employee. Also, help them understand your business methodologies and how every team operates within your organization. If communication is important for the employee, it is equally important for the employer. 

Final Words

With the growing industry, the hiring process of Java developers will be more competitive than ever. But we do not encourage you to settle for the first option you find. Regardless of the size of your business, it needs the right candidate with the right skill set and immaculate professionalism. Finding the right Java developer that fits your requirements will take time. This guide can serve as a good starting point in your search for the right developer. 

As a leading IT service provider, Silwatech provides Java development services, and you can also hire Java developers from us to expand your team. With the right skills, expertise, and experience, our developers have added value to businesses for several years. Want to know more about hiring our Java developers? Get in touch with us today! 

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