You may have come across a viral TikTok where Amy shares her conversation with an Instagram representative about the “best practices” for posting on IG. Surprisingly, I’ve noticed similar advice being shared on LinkedIn by an unidentified Instagram representative. Let’s explore these recommendations together:

To maximize Reels reach, watermark-free content editing within Instagram app is crucial. Despite the guidelines announced two years ago, many successful Reels break these rules. In an Instagram live session, Adam Mosseri clarified that third-party apps with watermarks may receive fewer recommendations in Explore.

Adhering to “best practice rules” doesn’t guarantee viral success. Producing compelling content resonating with your audience matters more. There’s no concrete evidence favoring daily grid posts. Find a posting frequency that suits you and prioritize high-quality over daily low-quality content.

Vertical videos optimize user experience but don’t guarantee algorithmic preference. Research and use relevant hashtags, both high and low volume. Optimize captions for search visibility naturally, avoiding keyword stuffing.

Participating in trends or using trending sounds may increase content visibility, but quality remains paramount. There’s no evidence supporting posting six Stories daily; Adam Mosseri suggests a few feed posts per week and a couple of Stories per day.

Engaging with comments immediately after posting may be feasible for small accounts but isn’t a universal best practice. The claim about free Blue Checkmarks was contradicted by the introduction of Meta Verified.


as an Instagram user, you can benefit from implementing several key takeaways to enhance your presence on the platform.

While following Instagram’s guidelines can optimize your reach, it’s important to note that viral success relies not only on strict rule-following but also on creating compelling content that resonates with your audience.

Instead of fixating on arbitrary posting frequencies, find a rhythm that suits you and prioritize quality over quantity. Engaging with your audience holds value, but responding to every comment immediately may not be feasible for everyone.

Hashtags can enhance your discoverability, so strategically incorporate them without excessive use that may annoy your audience. Moreover, optimizing captions for search visibility and avoiding keyword stuffing will increase your chances of being found.

While trends and popular sounds may temporarily boost visibility, long-term success lies in consistently producing high-quality content that captivates your audience.


Keep in mind that the Instagram algorithm is dynamic and subject to changes. Stay informed about updates and advice directly from Instagram’s official sources, such as Adam Mosseri’s live sessions.

By focusing on creating authentic and engaging content aligned with your objectives, you can maximize visibility, engagement, and overall impact on Instagram. Embrace your creativity, experiment with different approaches, and remain mindful of your audience’s preferences to build a strong and thriving presence on the platform

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