Data Centre Design Solutions

Data centres are integral to the digitized world, where communications rely entirely on digital media. Data centres offer endless possibilities to businesses. How it is designed plays a significant part in its productivity and efficiency.

Silwatech is a leading provider of data centre design solutions that bring you innovative ways to build, design, and maintain aspects like cooling and managing the heat of your data centre design. Silwatech is an Elite Partner for Data Centre Design and Build and Accredited Service. We use market-leading data centre software and hardware solutions. Silvana DCPower is your perfect data centre design services for anything from server consolidation and high-density computing to virtualization.

We provide data centre and telecom design and engineering so that you can implement designs fundamental to your success. Our services include:

  • Site Selection & Analysis
  • Programming / Needs Assessment
  • Equipment Hardware Layout
  • Architectural Space Planning
  • Design Data centre Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Security / Monitoring
  • Contract Specifications
  • Construction Documents
  • Pre-Construction Budgets
  • Pre-Construction Scheduling

Silwatech employs a proven model to create data centre designs that satisfy your immediate and long-term facility needs. To ensure cost-effective long-term investment, our virtual data centre design solutions concentrate on the scalable, flexible, and modular design of data centre layouts.

Data centre Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring every aspect of a data centre is crucial to its proper operations and improving its efficiency. A robust data centre infrastructure management tool is Silwatech’s DCIM software. It is built to help you automate your computer infrastructure management. Our data centre infrastructure solutions can manage your hybrid infrastructure, software, hardware, energy, cloud, colocation and data centre.


With Silwatech’s data centre infrastructure monitoring solutions, you can optimize your system utilization with real-time reporting from continuous data centre monitoring. It prevents the server from idly consuming energy while not serving any business function, a major issue for businesses.

Why should you choose Silwatech DCIM?

If you are looking for cost-effective solutions for data centre infrastructure management, then SIlwatech DCU is your answer. Silwatech’s solutions are capable of environmental, power and surveillance monitoring your data centre. It also monitors the temperature, door contact, humidity and more. It can do all of this remotely, from network closets to data centres. The time and money required to track and manage IT assets and the environment in which they operate are significantly reduced.

Uninterrupted Power Backup Solutions

A UPS or uninterrupted power supply is a backup power system that electronic devices rely on for uninterrupted power. Silwatech brings you various uninterrupted power backup solutions for your IT requirements.

The power supply backup comes with a rechargeable battery that is used in case of emergency so that the device functions without any data loss, shuts down the system properly, or until you can connect to a secondary power source like a generator. A UPS levels out spikes and noise in incoming power so that the device’s electronic components are not damaged.

Here are some of the different uninterruptible power supply backup solutions that Silwatech offers.

Single-Conversion Systems

This UPS can stay on battery power until the battery returns to normal tolerances or until it runs out of power.

Standby Power System (SPS)

This system allows IT devices to use the utility power till there is a power outage.

Line Interactive

This is ideal for network environments of different sizes. They regulate voltage input before moving to the device.

Double Conversion On-line UPS

These are the ones that provide the highest protection and are hence used for mission-critical systems. It isolates critical loads from utility power completely.

Multi-Mode Systems

They provide optimal efficiency and reliability and combine features of both single and double conversion technologies.

Mission Critical Power Solutions

Mission-critical power is the power that ensures your business operates without any power interruptions. It ensures your core functions are not affected by an interrupted power supply. Silwatech provides mission-critical power solutions that ensure your business runs smoothly without any power interruptions and data loss that could come with it.

At Silwatech, we assist in designing, constructing and commissioning electrical power systems. We also renovate and model operating facilities without any disruptions. We also provide repair works, preventative maintenance and testing, and emergency service 24/7.

The different critical power solutions we offer are:

Data centre Energy Management

It is a scalable, hardware-agnostic, protocol-based power management system that reduces the risk in the power chain, validates site performance, and improves energy consumption.

Rack Power Manager

A consolidated user interface, monitoring and measuring energy consumption cost, real-time visibility into power usage, identifying costs and trends, determining actual energy usage by department, etc.

ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

They automatically switch between the primary source of power and the backup circuit when they sense a power loss.

Remote Power

They reduce server downtime remotely and manage servers more efficiently.

Branch Circuit Protection

This type isolates power anomalies and issues, and each branch has its fuse and circuit breaker.

3-Phase Power

Greater flow of power and more balanced power loads while using fewer circuits

Data Centre Cooling Solutions

Server rooms require cooling according to their unique capacities It is a high-priority aspect of today’s IT infrastructure. Silwatech offers a wide range of data centre cooling solutions that can be customized to different kinds of data centres, server rooms and computer closets. With our data centre cooling system design, you can increase your efficiency and capacity gains.

Some of the different data centre cooling solutions are:

In-row Precision Cooling

This provides more precision while providing cool air. They are installed on the floors or suspended from the ceiling to focus the cool on the actual load. It has many benefits, including adaptability, easy installation, 100% serviceability etc.

High-Density Cooling

This provides the most efficient cooling by following an in-row cooling approach to the server rack heat, integrated within a row of data centre racks.

Integrated Cooling

This is a high-precision method where the cooling unit is placed inside the base of the rack and provides a thermally neutral environment for computing compared to the rest of the room. They are ideal for small IT rooms and network rooms.

Data Centre Modular Cabling Solutions

Silwatech offers data centre modular cabling solutions for all your cabling infrastructure, ensuring performance, efficiency, scalability and reliability. We help you with selecting and designing the infrastructure you need. We provide the guidance you need and the deploying data centre modular cabling solutions.

Silwatech has been providing expert data centre modular cabling solutions globally. We cater for high-performance, versatile solutions that permit modular adaptation and sufficient bandwidth. When it comes to cable infrastructure, Silwatech delivers state-of-the-art products for outstanding data centre performance.

At Silwatech, you get data centre cabling solutions and guidance through the process of selecting and designing the infrastructure. Only with a fully equipped data centre can you realize its full potential. We also offer ongoing support that maintains efficiency, responds immediately to the changing needs of your data centre, maintains peak performance and prevents downtime. Our service also includes analysis and strategies that help ensure your data centre is equipped to manage the needs of the growing IT industry.

Some of the services that Silwatech provides include:

  • Full Scopes of Work
  • Comprehensive Site Surveys
  • Detailed Floor Plans
  • Thorough Document Review
  • Cabling and Pathway Layouts
  • 2D Drawings and 3D BIM Modeling
  • Bills of Materials
  • Preconfigured Cabinet Solutions
  • Design and Deployment Strategies

Data Centre CFD

Data centre Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a 3D modelling service that allows engineers to understand heat transfer behaviour and airflow within the data centre. CFD for the data centre details the thermal performance, air distribution and resiliency. With Silwatech’s data centre CFD, you can proactively manage the cooling infrastructure and IT deployment of your data centre or server room.

With the CFD analysis of the data centre, our data experts can analyze the floor space power consumption and heat load, establish a baseline CFD model, calculate cooling distribution airflow requirements, and calibrate the CFD model according to the temperature and airflow measurements. We can identify the cooling problems and propose solutions based on all of this.

With Silwatech’s data centre, CFD, you get many benefits and features like

  • Configurable CFD Modeling Service Modules
  • Baseline CFD Model
  • Tailor your CFD modeling requirements to meet your business needs
  • Provides you with an understanding of airflow characteristics within your data centre
  • Failure Analysis
  • Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC)
  • Illustrates the effects of CRAC failure on airflow and rack inlet temperatures
  • Enables proactive management of IT growth and high-density deployment
  • Data centre Airflow Optimization
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Energy Savings
  • Identify energy wastage due to over cooling

Data Centre Relocation

Data centre relocation or migration is the movement of IT systems, applications, workloads and infrastructure from one operating environment to another. It may be a public or private cloud, colocation facility, edge location or an owned and operated data centre.

Silwatech offers data centre relocation services at a global level. If you are looking for a great data centre migration services provider, then Silwatech is your answer.

Data centre migration is challenging but can be done strategically by experts like Silwatech, leading to better business opportunities and profitability. One may choose to migrate for several reasons, which may involve money, better supplier, flexibility etc.

Moving a data centre requires the use of a best-practice project management methodology, specialized tools, and legal safeguards to guarantee that all risks are recognised and minimized. The data centre relocation services team at Silwatech has handled significant relocation projects for mid to large-sized businesses in almost every industry and full and partial relocation projects for major service providers and multinational corporations across the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Every project is carried out following a strict service level agreement, is fully insured, and is compensated for all risks. Our accredited data centre engineers and fully qualified PMP project managers are always available to ensure a safe, effective, and quick relocation.

Data Centre Professional Audit

Businesses require data centres that run at their optimum capability for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Data centre audits assist professionals in verifying and establishing the baseline status of the data centre, as well as developing a plan of action to reduce risk and enhance the operational capability to support business continuity.

Silwatech offers data centre professional audit services that are effective in gaining new knowledge about the business and enhancing business operations.

Data centre Assessments

A data centre assessment reduces downtime and hardens your facility against interruptions. Engineers perform on-site data centre assessment, which examines your facility’s current performance and design. It can also help identify and resolve electrical issues within the facility. The assessment will identify the potential trouble spots and offer recommendations and solutions.

Data centre Power & Cooling Assessment Services

Silwatech DCU inspects the operating condition of the data centre’s power and cooling systems. Our certified data centre audit professionals will evaluate your infrastructure capabilities. Its ability to support long-term business needs is also evaluated. We also collect and analyze data regarding your power and cooling utilization and evaluate energy use and cooling capacity.

SilwatechDCU will provide a detailed assessment of your data centre and information about your cooling infrastructure condition and server room power, performance capabilities and utilization levels.

Data Centre Testing & Commissioning

Silwatech provides a range of data centre testing solutions. Based on measured electrical distribution load readings at the rack level, our level three comprehensive data centre/server room assessment provides a thorough power and cooling analysis. Since the level three data centre assessment is invasive, it is performed when the business operations are closed during a typical weekend.

As part of the data centre testing & commissioning, Silwatech will note the following and analyze them for more data.

  • Note the general conditions of your server room or data centre’s physical infrastructure, including Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) and the power distribution infrastructure.
  • Measure CRAC supply & return temperatures
  • Measure airflow from plenum floor tiles
  • Measure areas of excessive temperatures
  • Measure humidity
  • Measure PDU and electrical distribution branch circuits
  • Measure CRAC power consumption
  • Measure UPS input/output
  • Perform an infrared scan of racks for high temperatures
  • Perform an infrared scan of the room for temperature anomalies
  • Review of maintenance procedures and practices
  • Inspect the subfloor and ceiling plenum (where applicable)

SilwatechDCE conducts data centre testing and delivers a detailed report with all the assessment findings, including details of power, cooling and space, areas of high temperature, air distribution analysis, etc.

Managed DC Facilities Management

As part of Silwatech’s managed DC facilities management, we provide Critical Facility Generator Load Bank Testing, a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. It is an essential part of giving good maintenance practice. The tests part of the data centre facilities management can be performed yearly, which helps them extend the generator’s life. It can also ensure that there is continuous operation even in times of unreliable and interrupted power supply.

SIWLANA’S DCU load banking service keeps track of crucial engine parameters like fuel pressure, oil pressure, and engine temperature. We document these readings to demonstrate that the unit operates at typical operating pressures and temperatures once it has reached its full-rated load.
The generator output readings, such as voltages, KW amounts, amperages etc., are taken into account for the report. Loads to your facilities are not disrupted during load bank testing, which is entirely non-intrusive. Most manufacturers concur that load banking can benefit a generator set that is frequently operated, lightly loaded or never loaded.

Modular Data Centre Design and Build Solutions

Silwatech provides modular data centre design and builds solutions that are customised to suit your needs. It is highly scalable and engineered to fit site-specific infrastructure requirements. In a single NEMA 3R skid, the modular data centre combines your servers—regardless of their brand or model—with Silwatech electrical equipment, reducing complexity, accelerating deployment, and providing maximum efficiency and the lowest cost throughout your data centre’s life.

Its core features include

  • Portable data centre solutions that are built quickly
  • The scalable and flexible modular data centre as per your business needs.
  • Modular data centre solutions include prepackaged, enclosed skids, contained power centres or all-in-one data centres, and modular power assemblies.
  • Multiple deployment options to save existing real estate.
  • Reduced downtime and increased speed due to modularized components.
  • Minimal upfront CAPEX due to the Build-as-you-need-it approach
  • Relocatable data centre ideal

Silwatech’s modular data centre solutions are designed, built, and commissioned more quickly than traditional data centres because they are adaptable and scalable to meet the constantly changing dynamics of modern data centres. Using turnkey solutions and a quality-controlled construction process, we guarantee an entirely integrated design to satisfy site-specific needs.

Physical Security Systems

When building a data centre, or renovating one, you need to consider physical security as much as digital security. The servers must be physically protected with the best measures to provide maximum security.

Silwatech provides physical security systems for modern data centres. You can trust our physical security management system to physically take care of your data centres. Here are some of the services we offer.

Standalone Rack door controller

It has a user-friendly and manageable rack control, electromechanical swing handle, Server Rack Access Control and Alarm Monitoring software.

Multiple Rack door controller

This controller is equipped with a fingerprint and card-based controller, LCD, Secure access module, electromechanical swing handle locks etc.

smartRDU-AC – 1U Rack Access Control

This intelligent solution offers IP-based ACS-integrated remote rack access control monitoring & SNMP traps for critical alarms. It has configurable access for the front or rear or both doors & two inbuilt reader interfaces.

smartRDU-EM – 1U Rack Environmental Monitoring

This is an IP-based remote environmental monitoring & SNMP trap for critical alarms for intrusion, humidity and water leak. It also comes with Rack Environmental monitoring software.

smartRDU-ACEM – 1U Rack Access control & Environmental Monitoring

It has a single interface to control rack access, management, and environmental monitoring. It is a combination of smartRDU-AC & EM for extra safety and security.

Data Centre Operations Centre AV Solutions

AV is an integral part of a data centre. It plays a key role in the proper functioning of the data centre. Silwatech provides data centre AV solutions that provide access and physical security to the core information you need. With the proper data centre operation solutions implemented, you get the real-time visual information you need to keep your data centre working smoothly. Silwatech ensures that the operational efficiency of your organization is increased with the best data centre AV solutions.

Operation control centres rely on information assurance and data security for mission-critical data centres. Management networks should be isolated and secure to nullify the chances of exposure to attacks.

Remote monitoring, redundancy, and continuity of operations via backup for disaster recovery support are required for a data centre to scale up globally.

Real-Time Data Access
An accurate visual dashboard of current events provides accurate and live information. This, combined with the internal and external metrics, can show correlations between events.

Enhanced Visualization
Distributed knowledge sharing, decision making and collaboration via information aggregation. OCCs should be able to view live and concurrent streams.

Seamless Integration and Smart Devices
A unified common operating picture can be obtained by agile analytics. This creates a powerful operational impact.


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