Digital marketing is an evolving being with new surprises as each year passes. The world was in turmoil due to the pandemic and economic and geopolitical tensions, yet businesses found innovative new ways to keep business alive and thrive. If 2022 saw the boom of influencer marketing, omnichannel marketing, social media shopping, and more, these have continued to evolve over the year and be ever more relevant, yet fine-tuned to the market needs. 

Undoubtedly, 2023 will see Digital Marketing Services evolving in surprising new ways. We have already seen emerging trends and patterns. This article discusses some of the major trends you can expect for 2023 and effective digital marketing strategies for a brand-new year. 

Read on to start your digital marketing 2023 efforts on the right foot!  

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

Artificial Intelligence

2022 saw artificial intelligence take the spotlight with how closely it impacted our interactions with online content. Smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home, powered by AI, proved to be a massive part of online marketing, with brands connecting to their preferred audience via these speakers. 

Similarly, voice search technology gained prominence, changing how website optimisations work. Chatbots, an AI-powered interaction, are making customer experiences smoother and more meaningful. Another way AI impacts marketing is with augmented reality and its use in the retail and eCommerce industry.

Digital Privacy 

A larger percentage of our lives is managed online, a growing trend. It also comes with the concern people have for their privacy. In the time of Big Data, people are more aware of their privacy and demand more from businesses. When brands respect privacy, customers respond more positively to ads. This is directly related to user trust. Users find bad privacy experiences damaging their relationship with the business. Giving people control over their data makes them less sceptical of digital marketing. 

The Metaverse

Metaverse was one of the buzzwords of 2022, especially in the digital marketing sector. It refers to a digital space created by various virtual experiences that is enabled by the immersive experience provided by AR and VR technology. The term also got the spotlight after Facebook Inc. announced its rebranding to Metaverse and substantial investment in the concept. It was followed by other tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, etc. While this is only an emerging technology, and there have not been many practical use cases for businesses, its potential demands attention and deserves a top spot in our digital marketing trends list.

Customer Experience

Customer is the undisputed king, and how they feel after interacting with your business continues to reign supreme. One of the digital marketing trends to look out for in 2023 is how different technology comes together to make a better customer experience. Personalised marketing campaigns and communications offer customers the choice of choosing from their personal preferences rather than hunting them down. Micro Targeting audiences to provide coupons and offers personalised to their preferences and product recommendations based on their buying habits have all proven to improve conversion rates. Private messaging apps will also play a major role in offering customers personalised purchase experiences.

Short Videos

If TikTok and Instagram reels have done anything, it is to keep viewers hooked. Its viral format and short timeframe keep the viewers long enough to stay interested but not bored. Finding customers where they are is a thing to keep in mind for 2023. These snackable short videos generate billions of views and make a fertile environment to place ads. Businesses are also actively using this format to engage with customers. Creative new formats enter the market every day, making this one of the booming trends of 2023. 

Simple, Clear Messages

One of the biggest shifts in recent years has been the attention span of viewers. Gone are the times when long-form content and videos were effective. With short, snackable videos taking centre-stage, you have to focus on getting out your message in a window as small as 30 seconds or less. Be it video, audio, or even textual content and copywriting, they are all the more relevant as it’s about effectiveness rather than elaboration. This also forces businesses to focus on their priorities and filter down what matters most. 

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing has been on the rise for a few years, and 2023 is no different. They are a super effective way of reaching your customer base and prove more authentic and trusted than traditional ad forms. Businesses use influencer marketing techniques to make it look as natural as possible. Brand awareness has become prominent on social media, leading marketers to find influencers and creators with ideal followers. The importance of user-generated content also gains prominence as there is a thinning line between the influence of influencer marketing and user-generated content marketing. This trend will continue strongly into this year as it had in 2022. 

 LinkedIn As A B2B Powerhouse

LinkedIn used to be a platform for professionals and was always a few notches down compared to other social media platforms. But of late, there has been a surge in the engagement and growth of LinkedIn, which is directly linked to B2B marketing. Be it curated or video content; it is seeing significantly more engagement than before. B2B marketing has grown 25% in the last two years. Businesses use this platform to enable growth. While this is still an ongoing process, businesses are getting there to get the early bird advantage before it hits saturation. 

Employee Advocacy

Another evolving trend expected to see a rise in 2023 is employee advocacy. This concept is about getting employees and team members to talk and share on behalf of the business. This has powerful potential as it is more personal and human than marketing tactics focused on business accounts and assets. This form of marketing is gaining traction, especially in the business-to-business (B2B) marketing sector. Companies increasingly rely on employees, training them, and providing them with the resources to enable them to contribute to the marketing effort and build strategies around them. 

While these are some of the major trends of 2023, let us look at digital marketing strategies you can adopt this year.

Top Digital Marketing Strategies for 2023 

Every business needs to tailor a digital marketing strategy according to their needs. It should work around the kind of product, targeted audience, and the means they have at their disposal. With a good digital marketing strategy, businesses can achieve better brand exposure, save money and time, understand the target audience, track performance, and so much more. Read on to find out how these can be achieved. 

Content Marketing

Content holds the centre-stage when it comes to marketing strategies. If you have set out to create a marketing strategy, it should work around a high engagement content. It is the most effective way to reach out to your customer and establish trust. Content that supports your marketing objectives and resonates with your customer’s needs is the one that works best. It is the best way to display who you are, what you offer, and how you offer to solve the customer’s problems. 

There are several content types you can count on to send the lead down the sales funnel. 2022 and the years leading up saw the surge of video content, and 2023 is no different. Video content is the most engaging as well as lead-generating. Closely following are engaging and informative blogs serving as a platform for communication with your customers. Other content types include email newsletters, podcasts, webinars, eBooks, downloadable guides, etc. 

SEO/Search Engine Marketing

There is no marketing campaign without an SEO strategy. It is the driving force behind all of your other strategies. Without it, everything else can collapse. Businesses focus on creating SEO campaigns that make websites more user-friendly, more likely to generate leads, and increase conversion rates. An SEO campaign that is spot on can create websites that trump rival websites for higher up in the SERPs. It can boost website traffic, develop credibility and authority, and increase brand visibility.

When building an SEO strategy for 2023, make sure you take into account the different types of SEO. On-page SEO refers to the different practices adopted to increase the site’s visibility and ranking. Off-page SEO refers to the practices outside of your website to improve the SERP or search engineer result pages, like creating backlinks. Technical SEO refers to the practices that can optimise the site’s indexing, site performance, crawl pages, security, interpretation, etc., thus improving the visibility of the site. 

Social Media Marketing

Potential customers often take to social media sites to get information on the brand and its products from other customers or influencers. Digital marketing leaped when it came to social media marketing, as it could reach the customers where they were. It makes it easier for marketers to reach the ideal customer and serve them according to their requirements with personalised solutions. It also serves as an excellent platform for building a brand and reputation. 

Building a social media strategy means finding out which platform your ideal customers hang out on, what kind of content is most effective, and the format to use. One of the leading social media platforms is Facebook, closely followed by YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. These platforms offer access to communities where businesses can display their offerings, establish their brand identity and get the most effective results. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is as popular as ever and it is one crucial element to add to your digital marketing strategy for 2023. It is a softer sell that educates your audience on your brand and keeps them engaged between purchases. It is one of the best places for small businesses to share business news, newsletter, or even follow-ups. It is one of the most effective ways to build a relationship with your customer. Businesses use this email marketing most effectively to gain more leads. It also increases traffic to the website and initiates the reader to take action. 

Offering something of value on the website in exchange for the email address is a great way to build an email list. Email marketing can be segmented to suit your target demographic and get the most optimum results. Email marketing, with apt A/B testing, can help you create viable results. 

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-per-click has been as popular as it was when it rolled out. Google ads featuring paid ones on top get the most clicks and result in effective lead creation. Working on a bidding system, PPC allows you to place your results higher up the ranking than those with lower budgets. The key to making it work is to use the right keywords. Google also lets you access a huge amount of user data to help you place the ads in the right place at the right time. You don’t have to pay up a lot upfront and use the analytical information to improve your strategy when someone does click. It is an effective system that has been on top of the digital marketing strategies of the previous years and will continue to be in 2023. 


A podcast is an exciting new way to connect with your customers and potential ones. Businesses use this platform to make benefits in unexpected ways. With a surge in podcast users in recent years, many businesses are taking to this forum to create a long-term marketing strategy to build familiarity and trust. This is reflected in the podcast ad spending expected to hit $1.74 billion this year, according to Statista.

Podcasts are a great platform to impart information on your product, business activities, and offers. It can act as a step to reach your website, where they can get more content. 

Podcasts are an emerging trend in digital marketing, and marketers are finding them as effective as any other in increasing website traffic. 

And That’s a Wrap! 

Digital marketing is inevitable today. With nearly every business throwing its hat into the arena, digital marketing is more competitive than ever, and simply doing it won’t cut it anymore. You need to do it well and better than before. 

Keeping up with the trends and adapting to change is the only way to survive in a highly competitive environment. 2022 showed the rise and fall of many marketing techniques. 2023 comes with more surprises yet. It is prudent to be armed with the best of 2022 and adapt them as soon as possible to stay ahead of the competition. 

However, it’s not easy to implement the right strategies in a way that makes the most of your marketing budget. Is it the Pay-per-click that you need? Or content marketing? Will great social media marketing do the trick? Figuring out the right mix and then implementing it like a pro requires experience and expertise. It takes an expert to find your business needs and tailor-make the right digital marketing strategy for you. 

Whether you’re looking for a social media advertising agency in UAE or you wish to hire paid advertising services in UAE, it’s worth keeping in mind that digital is an integrated game. Therefore it pays to hire a digital marketing agency like Silwatech that focuses on every kind of digital marketing service. Working with an experienced and committed team like Silwatech can give your business the clarity and consistency to win your audience’s attention, heart, and wallets. 

Want to grow your business with powerful digital marketing strategies in 2023? Talk to our experts today!

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