Flutter is a Google product that has found immense popularity in development circles. It has positively impacted and is highly beneficial for organizations across different sectors. It is quickly becoming the preferred framework for app development. If you choose to hire Flutter developers, your cross-platform applications will have a quicker time-to-market with a single codebase for all the platforms this technology uses. This saves both money and time.

This article is a quick guide you can use if you are planning to hire flutter developers for your next app. We look into everything from skills, the hiring process, interview questions, and more. Read on to find out.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source development kit that is used for developing cross-platform apps. With Flutter, there is no need to create two apps individually. You can construct a high-quality app that is native to both iOS and Android. Flutter does not require a JavaScript bridge, rather it has a mobile SDK that allows for a responsive design.

When working with Flutter, there is no need to report each venue separately, making app development for iOS and Android significantly easier. Since the app also works as a native app on both platforms, there is no need for a runtime module or a browser. Large corporations like Alibaba Group, GooglePay, and BMW, among others, use Flutter for their apps.

What Should You Look for When Hiring Flutter Developers?

The developers you hire will be in charge of the app representing your business. Their skill and acumen determine the quality of your app. You must look for certain things in a flutter developer before you hire them.

  • Experience: Hiring a flutter app developer with previous experience working on a similar project is better than hiring someone with no experience and who has to be trained.
  • Communication Skills: Working in a team of developers means your candidate should have excellent soft skills to be part of a team.
  • Technical Skills: Make sure the candidate you hire has excellent technical knowledge of flutter and everything related to app development. Thoroughly estimate a candidate’s technical skills related to your needs.
  • Portfolio: A candidate with a strong portfolio would be able to display their skills and contributions to previous projects.
  • Methodology: You should understand how a developer work and their methodology (e.g., Agile). If their methodology matches the one you use, it is a fit.
  • Time Management: Does your candidate adhere to time limits? Do they work well under pressure? Can you count on this person to deliver your projects on time?

Hiring Models for Flutter App Developers

You can hire a flutter development team or developers in different ways. Below, we discuss the different ways in which you can hire a suitable team.

Offshore Developers

This is where you can hire developers who are in other countries. The rates may vary according to the country they are in. Be sure also to look at what other benefits they offer.

On-site developers

Hire a dedicated flutter app development team that works alongside your team on your site. They use your resources and add to your team by advancing in-app technologies.


ODC, or Offshore Development Centre is a popular choice for many companies. They provide the complete package in terms of services. They offer a Build-Operate-Transfer model if you aim to start your business in the local market as a long-term objective.

Hybrid developers

This is a mix of both on-site and off-site developers who are at your beck and call. This way, you can customise the team you need according to your requirements.

In-House Team

This is the model where you hire developers and are employed at your company as full-time employees. This is the most expensive kind of model and the reason why most companies resort to hiring externally. Hiring a full-time employee comes with a lot of expenses as they are entitled to all the benefits of the rest of your employees. The company also has to provide all the software, hardware and infrastructure necessary for them to function.

What are the steps to hiring flutter developers?

Fix a Budget

Make sure you know very well what the budget is allocated to you. How many developers can you afford? How much can you pay them? Is it profitable to choose an expensive internal developer or a cheaper offshore developer? Once you have the answers to these questions, you can proceed with the rest of the process/

Pick Your Hiring Model

This is the most critical decision in the whole process. You must pick a model most suitable for your needs and meets your budget. Once you determine whether you want to hire internally or externally, you can decide on the next steps.

Shortlisting Candidates

Once you have given out advertisements and job listings on all the relevant platforms, you will be flooded with many options. You need to filter them down according to the skills, experience, and other factors mentioned above. Once you have narrowed down the list, you can make a better choice.


Once the candidates have been shortlisted, you need to devise a method to pick the most suitable. You may need to conduct technical interviews and tests to measure the candidate’s technical skills. Depending on the different factors, you will have to conduct a thorough interview of each candidate.

Portfolio & Reviews

Make sure you check the client reviews of your possible candidate. You can find this in their portfolio. If hiring an external team, you can check with previous clients to know their working style and whether they are a good pick.

Sign Contract

Once you have decided on who is going to be joining your company, you need to make sure you sign the NDA form. This is because the nature of your work should remain a secret so that others cannot copy you and also to give a competitive advantage in the market.

Here are some Questions for the Developer’s Interview

How experienced are you in working with Flutter?

The answers will give you insight into how much hands-on experience the candidate has. Since it is a relatively new technology, this might be a tricky area. Make sure you test their grit along with their skills.

What are some of the challenges you have faced in the development process, and how have you overcome those?

This will show what areas the candidate finds challenging, giving you insight into how to offer them support during their tenure. Their problem-solving skills are also revealed here.

What was your favourite project, and how did you approach it?

Questions like these show where the person’s strengths lie as a developer. You can also understand their work style, how they manage user feedback, how they interact in a team and quality assurance.

What was the negative feedback you got, and how did you respond to it?

Web developers have to work constructively with feedback. The entire testing process may be all about feedback. How well they manage it and what they consider negative feedback is revealed here.

How do you ensure your product is functional and optimized before deployment?

Your ability to judge a product’s quality, come up with solutions, and support successful outcomes through design integrations will be evaluated by this question. When addressing questions like these, think about how you assess UI designs, conduct debugging tests, and ensure mobile app products are prepared for deployment.

Skills You Should Look for in a Flutter Developer

Ability to Optimize Code: A good developer must have the ability to write clean code. It should not interfere with their need to write custom codes too.

Ability to Fix Bugs and Errors: Once the features and functionalities are developed, a developer has to work with the feedback from QA and testers. They should have a thorough knowledge of how to fix bugs.

Knowledge and Experience with Agile Methodology: Most app developing teams prefer to use Agile development methodology. An ideal candidate must be able to work in that methodology.

An Inquisitive Mindset: The world of technology is forever in motion. Does your developer explore newer technologies and better ways to do a job? Do curiosity and creativity drive them?

Communication and Social Skills: As much as you give importance to the technical skill analysis of a candidate, you have to make sure they have a cultural fit in your office. Do they communicate well? Would they blend in with the existing team?

Wrapping Up

Flutter is one of the most high-demand development frameworks out there. Although fairly new (released only in 2017), it is being used worldwide. Developers who are experienced with Flutter are also in high demand. This does not mean you have to hastily find a developer for your project. Make sure you make a thorough assessment of the candidate before you make a decision.

On the other hand, you would also have to stay current with the latest trends of Flutter and how they impact the world of mobile app development. Now that you know how to hire a Flutter app development company, you’re closer to identifying a skilled and talented development team that is the right fit for you. At Silwatech, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading Flutter app development companies in Dubai that clients trust to produce stellar outcomes and diligent support. Interested to see if we are the right fit for your project? Get in touch with us today!

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