Networking & Switching

Network bandwidth requirements are doubling every two years in a world of increasing connectivity. Networks now carry more traffic from high bandwidth applications such as video, voice, gaming and IoT devices. Businesses now face immense pressure to keep their network up and running with the increasing usage of connected devices.

Network downtime can turn out to be a costly affair for your enterprise. At Silwatech, we go above and beyond the one-size-fits-all approach to provide network infrastructure services that never fail our clients. We understand that one business is different from another. As an IT infrastructure solutions provider, we customize our network connectivity solutions to match your requirements after carefully considering your specific needs.

Over the years, we have been providing networking solutions by deploying and managing over 25,000 network devices, like network hubs and switches. Our long and varied experience helps us identify the unique needs of different kinds of businesses. We have a proven track record of expertise in implementing network routing and switching, effective network design, deployment and lifecycle management. This makes Silwatech your best bet at enabling IT infrastructure solutions for your digital spaces.

Switching and Routing Solutions

Networks of any size can have their performance enhanced with network infrastructure solutions. Silwatech is a routing and switching solutions specialist for small, large, simple and complex networks. We improve networking facilities by designing, building and operating network infrastructure solutions. This provides our customers with a single point of contact for networking. Let us look at our IT network solutions: Networking Switching and Wireless Networking.

Network Switching

Network switches are an integral part of communication networks. It is what enables the exchange of information and communication with one another. It does network switching, which is a process of directing network traffic from one node to another. Switch networking is the most complicated of the seven layers of the Open Systems Interconnection or OSI model.

Switching and routing solutions are now integral to any infrastructure IT solution for major buildings, big or small businesses and large corporations.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is now an essential part of our lives. Fast and reliable internet access is becoming a necessity in today’s world. Businesses simply cannot function without proper wireless networks as everything from money transactions to information exchange happen online. The cost of wired networks has skyrocketed over the years, making wireless networks a feasible option for businesses. IT infrastructure solutions and services like Silwatech provide wireless network facilities for businesses.

Structured Cabling

If you are looking for structured cabling solutions, you need not look any further than Silwatech, your best IT infrastructure solution provider. Whether it is computer cabling or a phone system, we provide you with all the cabling infrastructure and solutions. We specialize in cable infrastructure design, optic cable splicing, testing, terminations, and troubleshooting. When it comes to designing and installing Outside Plant (OSP) and Inside Plant (ISP) fibre optic and copper networks, Silwatech is the preferred vendor for Government and Private Organizations. The material for our network cabling infrastructure is sourced from authorized partners, BICSI-certified technicians, and communication designers.

Here are some of our services.

Structured cabling services: network cabling infrastructures like data centres and telecommunication rooms can be easily managed with a complete organizational framework

Cable trenching services: Installing underground cables for building under construction or brand-new infrastructures. Directional boring services are also available.

Telecommunication cabling services: Have a seamless telecommunication experience with Silwatech IT infrastructure solutions. We have fibre optic cabling of categories 3, 5, 5e, 6 and 7, and hardware, software and cabling solutions.

Managed WiFi Solution

A resilient and reliable WiFi service is the foundation of businesses of the modern age. It should be able to offer multiple secure networks in parallel and segregation of traffic for connected devices. Silwatech offers managed WiFi services to ensure you get the best wireless network infrastructure. Managed WiFi service providers like Silwatech aim to build a foundation to meet all your digital needs through a secure and fast network infrastructure. Our IT infrastructure solutions include services like:

WiFi Site Survey: We conduct a thorough technical survey to implement WiFi services. Our experts use specialized applications to determine optimal coverage and service conditions. They consider the signal-to-noise ratio, power measurements, potential interference and channel capacity to determine the number of access points.

Installation and commissioning: Once you trust Silwatech for your WiFi needs, you will find that we use high-quality resources from certified vendors, and the installation process takes place with minimum disruption.

Technical support: With Silwatech, you can get 24/7 technical support via our network of field support engineers or through virtual assistance. Our cloud-managed WiFi solutions actively monitor and configure the equipment installed in your facility in real-time to avoid incidents.

WiFi Captive Portal: We provide a landing page for first-time WiFi users called the Captive Portal, which can be customized to your brand and responsive to different devices.

Remote Access Solutions

The corporate network world has evolved from simply closed networks to advanced cloud tech. This changes the way the organization looks at security. The secure perimeter around closed networks has become obsolete. VPNs no longer have applicability with cloud tech. There is a need for a better approach to remote access and security.

Silwatech provides remote access solutions that are a great alternative to the VPN. One such service is called the ZTNA or zero trust network access. This approach establishes connectivity from user to application on a dynamic identity-context-aware basis. This shifts the private application access from network-centric access to an app and user-centric approach. The ZTNA is also called software-defined perimeters (SDPs).

Silwatech provides secure remote access solutions like ZTNA. ZTNA is a cloud-based remote access solution that allows you to access private apps fast and in a seamless manner. It takes out the issues of getting network access to access private apps. It essentially makes apps invisible to the internet by using inside-out connections.

Silwatech provides ZTNA implementation and monitoring services as part of our IT infrastructure management solutions, providing organizations with a more simple and scalable option.

Proxy Solutions

A cloud proxy is a cloud-based system. It is positioned between a client, web server, data centre, or SaaS application. It provides secure access to resources while protecting the server from malware and acting as an intermediary between clients and servers. If you are an enterprise trying to prevent stealth attacks, then web proxy solutions or reverse proxy solutions are for you. This is important as hardware-based offerings often fall short in the era of cloud and mobility.

Some features of a cloud-based proxy solution include universal application awareness, a global scale to catch up with users in motion and cost savings compared to hardware proxy price points. Enterprise proxy solution also provides a great user experience, even with a full TLS/SSL inspection enabled and low to zero latency for end users. It also gives zero outside visibility into the server while providing support for XFF headers.

Silwatech, a leading IT infrastructure solutions provider, offers a comprehensive security architecture as part of its cloud base proxy architecture. We provide cloud-native security service edge solutions. It is offered as a scalable SaaS platform from the security cloud, which prevents data loss and stops advanced attacks, as it is enabled with a zero-trust approach.

Smart Work from Home Solutions

The definitions of work have moved from where you are to what you do. The aggressive adoption of work-from-anywhere strategies calls for fast, secure and reliable access to the application from different devices, locations and networks. Hence businesses are turning to IT infrastructure solutions and service providers for a new connectivity method.

Silwatech provides you with smart office solutions work from home options that solve the dilemma of security and connectivity. The zero-trust approach is a great way to secure work from remote places. It works on the principle that connecting to an app over the internet is based only on business policies and identity rather than on inherent trust in users or applications.

With smart office solutions like zero-trust, you can secure access to internal and external apps from anywhere and any common devices used for work. It prevents compromise, data loss and lateral movement, by enforcing business policies from the user’s location, with security being identical from wherever the user logins. By actively tracking the performance of your network, apps, and devices, there is increased productivity and visibility into user traffic.

Silwatech has implemented smart office software solutions for its clients, providing better security and access to apps from anywhere. It also reduces the attack surface, keeping operations running smoothly.

WAN Accelerators

In today’s cloud-first environment, networks need application acceleration technologies to address the impacts of increased distance between users and the apps. That is where technology like WAN optimization comes in. Let us take a look at what is WAN acceleration and optimization.

IT infrastructure solutions providers like Silwatech offer WAN accelerators with application acceleration capabilities. It is made to create the best WAN path to route the traffic and the best app performance in the chosen path.

Silwatech provides IT infrastructure solutions like Hybrid WAN for accelerated delivery of any application. You can better see the application and network performance with Silwatech WAN optimization solutions. It also provides a better end-user experience.

Businesses can get deep visibility by combining networks, end-user performance metrics and applications. In case of a problem, the IT team can troubleshoot and fix it before the end user is impacted. You can also improve business agility by leveraging the solution’s application-aware approach and path selection based on intent-based, business-driven, global policies, which are also backed by local enforcement.

Silwatech will help you implement WAN accelerator hardware that helps in improving data transfer across wide area networks.

Software Defined Networks Solutions

Services and applications that involve the cloud require data to move easily between different locations. There is also the need for faster technology that allows data to move around the network fast. It is in this scenario that a Software Defined Network solution becomes relevant.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a networking approach that uses APIs, application programming interfaces, or software-based controllers to communicate with the direct traffic on a network and the underlying hardware infrastructure.

Silwatech implements IT infrastructure solutions like SDN for businesses. Businesses benefit from this as it improves their security, availability, performance, and prevention of current DDoS attacks. This is done by programming the SDN to collect data, and traffic is optimally forwarded to deliver network services. There is a data plane of networking devices and a control plane of SDN controllers.

Silwatech implements IT infrastructure solutions and services that help overcome the challenges of network-wide security. This can be done through a single, automated security solution that leverages network technologies. It mitigates attacks as a native network service.

Choose Silwatech Software-defined network solutions for intelligent application delivery, more security, easier operations, greater scalability, and lower costs of overall network services.

DHCP/DNS/IP Address Management Solutions

IP address management is one of the IT infrastructure solutions provided by Silwatech. The network services assign and resolve the IP address to the administration of DNS and DHCP. They are assigned to machines in a TCP/IP network.

IP address management solutions implemented by Silwatech allow you to plan, track and manage the IP address space used in a network. The tools used are DNS and DHCP. They work in tandem to perform this task.

A business striving for greatness must have a strong suit of core network services that make all network connections possible. They are DNS, DHCP, and IP address management. They are collectively known as DDI. Silwatech is your ideal IT infrastructure solution provider to achieve the greatest network stability, reliability and automation.

Silwatech helps you gain the upper hand in the cloud-tech-driven world with state-of-the-art IP address management services that give you accelerated application response time, steer and optimize traffic, and make network operations more efficient. We ensure we implement the right IP address management solutions for your business to provide you with advanced networking using adaptive DNS, an overlay for Microsoft to provide a single source of truth for all DDI systems, and direct internet access to route trusted traffic and reduce latency.

Network Time Appliances

One of the essential parts of network operations is accurate time stamping using network time appliances. Accurate time synchronization and recording are critical aspects of intelligent networks. It is also a legal requirement for financial trading and certain other industries.

An NTP appliance for accurate time is required for network forensics and Post Mortem analysis of network outages and instances of breaches to assist recovery and ensure performance. It also protects customer data from fraud and tampering. An NTP time server is also required for accurate and verifiable NMS or network management system reports. These are but some of the core functions which require accurate time synchronization. There are many more industrial applications where time stamping is mission-critical.

Silwatech provides NTP appliances for accurate time stamping, which synchronises the industrial and enterprise networks. Silwatech supplies Network Time Servers in different form factors and feature sets catering to different sizes of networks. It can cover networks with port options covering copper and fibre ethernet requirements. The capacity can be up to 42,000 transactions per second. It guarantees an accuracy of <100ns to UTC. The Stratum can be 0 or 1, depending on the oscillator clocks. As a leading IT infrastructure solution provider, Silwatech provides only the highest quality hardware and the best NTP time server for your network to function impeccably.

Network TAP Solution

A network TAP solution, which includes a test, terminal or traffic access point, is a critical aspect of network traffic, without which it may not function properly. The TAP technology solutions provided by an IT infrastructure solutions provider like Silwatech are part of Silwatech’s Deep Observability Pipeline. It provides access to the traffic required for the continuous and efficient security, management and monitoring of your network infrastructure. secure, manage and monitor.

Network TAPs are the initial step to providing pervasive visibility across all cloud, physical and virtual infrastructures. With each tapped link, you get access to 100 per cent of the network traffic. A network TAP is deployed in a network link between the interfaces of two network components, such as switches or routers, and is treated as a component of the infrastructure in physical networks.

When it comes to virtual networks, The deployment of network TAP varies based on the environment. Compared to network TAP technology, Switch port analyzer (SPAN) ports are less reliable, effective, and efficient. Silwatech provides network TAP solutions as part of its IT infrastructure solutions.

Network Automation

Network automation tools enable network engineers to automate and remove the human factor from the equation. With automation tools, workflows and processes that are labour-intensive can be automated. Tasks like monitoring, configuring, security and backups can be automated. This is a highly cost-effective way for the company, as the use of resources is low, but the returns are high. NetOps or network operations can also be automated.

NetOps engineers can benefit from network automation as it can configure equipment automatically, test the state of the network, perform compliance checks, and do other routine tasks without human interference.

Silwatech provides several integrations for our clients as a reputed IT infrastructure solutions provider. These include packaging tools that can take on day-to-day tasks, systems that automate repetitive tasks, methodology for administrative tasks automation, supply and integration systems for tasks outside of office hours, an automated network service that records all activity so that events can be examined after unattended processes have finished, and much more. Our services include a highly useful list of tools that offer a range of automation solutions. Silwatech ensures you get the best network automation tools in the industry.


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