Our team at Silwatech is qualified and experienced in driving profitable and high-performing local SEO campaigns. Besides serving big and established local businesses, we proudly call ourselves an affordable local SEO service ideal for SMEs and startups.

Imagine a person trying to find the best restaurant in Dubai. The place they would look for is Google. Google responds to geographically specific searches with results from local business listings. Local SEO aims to rank high on the results, leading to more customers. 

Most brick-and-mortar stores have an online presence, and some even have online stores that facilitate trade through offline stores. There are many ways in which local stores benefit from an online presence. Such a website is best optimized through local SEO. 

Local search engine optimization services refer to the practices employed to bring more visibility to a targeted audience, specifically the audience of a particular geographical area. Businesses can hire local SEO service providers like us to employ various strategies to enhance their local visibility and ensure that it gets the intended results. 

Our local SEO marketing company optimizes your site for local keywords relevant to your business and geographical area, along with driving your social media presence and targeted content strategy intrinsic to a good local SEO strategy.

Increase in online traffic – A SEO-optimized website brings in more customers looking for your product or service. 

Increase in offline traffic – A local SEO-optimized website directs its visitor to your offline store, where they can convert to customers. 

Competitive advantage – Employing a strong local SEO strategy gives you an upper hand over your competition. With a higher ranking and more organic traffic, your offline store will likely get more traffic than your competitor. 

Increase in brand value and visibility – With a locally targeted SEO strategy, you can ensure your brand gets the visibility it needs. With SEO, you get organic traffic, increasing your brand value and authenticity. 

Our Local SEO Services

At Silwatech, we have helped numerous clients generate demand, sales, and growth using our local search engine optimization services, which include:

Google My Business

The ideal place for businesses to create local exposure. You can list your business here and provide search-optimized content.

Local Link Building & Listing

The best way to get people to notice you is when someone else endorses you. That is what local link building and listing are all about.

On-Page Optimization

Optimize your page so that search engines can understand your business and its location.

Local Keywords Targeting

Optimal use of keywords relevant to your location and business will ensure you rank high in the SERP.

Local Competitor Analysis

Analyze how well you are performing against your competitors, and fortify wherever there is a weakness.

Why Trust Silwatech Digital as Your SEO Agency Partner?

At Silwatech, our track record of successful campaigns, result-driven approach, and competitive local SEO packages in Dubai make us second to none. Our clients will vouch for our reputation as the best local SEO company in Dubai

Our team at Silwatech

 is deeply familiar with the ins and outs of the Dubai market and its nuances. This makes local SEO in Dubai a specialty of ours. We do everything from fully managing hyper-focused SEO services for small businesses to large-scale local search campaigns for big brands and enterprises trying to gain a foothold in the lucrative local market. 

At Silwatech, we are a name that has garnered trust among our loyal clientele across Dubai and worldwide. If you are ready to join the ranks of our satisfied customers, get in touch with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Local SEO is important to be visible and accessible to the local population. It makes your website visible to the population and more relevant to your business geographically. This way, your business gets the traffic offline by targeting the potential customers online using local SEO techniques.

Google My Business is an application from Google, also the business listing application for Google. You can claim your business here on My Business by adding your location on the maps. Google My Business acts as the first place you can enact local SEO. You can enlist your business details like operation hours, website URL, images, etc.

Local SEO is different from standard SEO in that it is used to target specific geographical areas. It is a more specific form of targeting that ensures customers take note of an online website and visit its offline shop. It used geographical constraints while searching, business listings, and so on to find local businesses.

Local SEO is a long-term strategy. One cannot expect instant results like the ones you see from PPC or paid advertising. One can expect the best ROI for SEO as what you see are highly specific results that are most likely to make conversions. Typically, one can start seeing results from local SEO in three months, but this time period may vary from business to business.


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