Respond to your customer’s concerns in the quickest possible ways; gain trust, gain business.

Get an inbound call center solution that manages your staff’s and business’ availability with a few clicks. Never miss to address your customer’s concerns with the customized solution at the helm. When you integrate such solutions, you can route calls, make them automated, and tailor them further for break or unavailability of your staff.

Call Distribution

Increase productivity and reducing operation cost. Resource optimization and improved customer satisfaction.

Time Efficiency and Selection

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    Automatically routes call, save time and efficiency.

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    Make strategic decisions regarding call routing and call control.

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    Manages every VoIP or a Time-division Multiplex(TDM) Call.

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    IVR intelligently selects agents to distribute the inbound calls.

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    Multiple skills (up to 40 different skills) can be set for a tele caller in inbound or outbound.

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Call Routing and Drop off

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    Assign a high value customer’s caller ID to a specialised agent, so that caller gets the priority and jumps the queue or placed first in the waiting queue to be processed.

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    Administrators can schedule automatic call back for all the abandoned calls.

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Customer Privacy

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    Complete security, the contact numbers of seller and buyer are protected and a virtual number is displayed to delivery person.

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    Save your employee’s money as they only need to call a virtual number.

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    Easy grievance management through call recording for review and training.

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Dialer and IVR Solutions

Reduce agent call volume overall cost per call. Automate all inbound & outbound transactions and processes.

Define Rules and be adaptive

  • Create rules for dialing as per region, demography or simple rules like LIFO (Last In First Out) or FIFO (First In First Out)

  • Predictive Dialler evolves its dialing pattern based on shift, lead list, connectivity pattern, Average Handling Time and abandon call percentage as prescribed by the industry standards.

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Integration and Prediction

  • Import and integrate database easily with third party lead sources like website, CRM, LMS etc.

  • Pick from multiple dialing modes like predictive, progressive, preview or manual. Define modes for different campaigns running in parallel.

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Save business loss

  • Magic Call number masking saves companies from any communication or transaction that might happen off platform, saving companies from loss of business.

  • Buyer-seller platform are designed to ensure the transactions happen through Magic call which ensures that all communications are concealed.

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ChatBot Solution

Automate work efficiency. Capturing and converting leads into business.

Cross Platform flexibility

  • Provide text, audio and video chat.

  • Integration with WhatsApp and social media chats.

  • Flexibility of when and what to show the chat window, what to show on it and customise messages as per your customer journey.

  • Chat and video call works across platforms, Video chat can be launched from browser to mobile and vice-versa. Interestingly, customers can use the front or rear camera of mobile as required during a video call.

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Skip the Queue

  • Give your priority clients an opportunity to cut the queue and reach you directly. Get detail insights of the chat, record of the chat history, number of call recordings, snapshots and transcripts, average chat handling time, CSAT and more

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ChatBot As Human

  • Flow Based response, easily learn to answer queries with minimal human support. New data can be added to make it superior.

  • Quickly transfer chats to Live agents with snapshot of the interaction to quickly jump into action.

  • Bot can be utilized for various application, organization and role.

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Help Desk Solution

Improve customer relationship. Efficient monitoring and tracking.

Simplify work for agents

  • Provides a multi-channel platform for complaint or query using Voice Call, Email, SMS, Social Media, Chat or Bot.

  • Helps the enterprise to monitor all the queries and complaints proactively.

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No Worry For TAT

  • Voice Logs also gets tagged with ticket number. Agents can provide quicker resolution and deliver better customer experience.

  • Provides real time status of each ticket and its TAT for closure. Any delay beyond the standard TAT is escalated via Email or SMS to the relevant stakeholder.

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Knowledge Base For All

  • With Call back, we save customer dropout rate. Customer need not to wait, call them back instantly or schedule a call.

  • Integrate at LMS, Helpdesk and website with “click to call” functionality at your website and see from where lead come from.

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Voice Screen Logger

Record screen activity. Monitor how employees are interacting with customers.

Quality assurance and storage

  • 100% Call recording for all inbound and outbound calls.

  • Automated backup and delete facility of voice and Screen logs. Integrate with network storage device for automated push of voice logs for storage over a long period.

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A Compact Recording System

  • For organization that are required by law to record 100% of the calls, and for complete recording of voice and screen together, the Voice and Screen logger can be merged together. Voice logger is natively integrated with product platform which resolve problem of third party recording system. Best fit for Govt., banking, insurance and financial institutions.

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Broadcasting Solution

Instant messages to endless customers or subscribers. Big saving on time and cost.

Dial Multiple Numbers

  • Dial thousands of numbers simultaneously with customize message.

  • Multi use calling option for surveys and polls, insurance renewals, collection reminders, flight/train reschedule, disaster management and many more applications.

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Robust Integration

  • Using APIs, databases can be pushed from third party applications like CRMs, BI tools, SMS gateways and Websites etc.

  • Have control on caller ID, you can use your private number or decide to conceal it.

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Cost free solution

  • Missed Call Service is a great marketing to generate leads, give your customer a free platform to connect, verify numbers, collect feedback, conduct votes and even run contests etc.

  • The missed call number can be flashed in different media (billboards, TV commercial or print material) to generate enquiry.

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Call Back Solution

Decreased Call Abandonment Rate. Never Lose a Lead. Improved Agent Productivity

Don’t lose customers

  • With Call back, we save customer dropout rate. Customer need not to wait, call them back instantly or schedule a call.

  • Integrate at LMS, Helpdesk and website with “click to call” functionality at your website and see from where lead come from.

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No Setup Cost

  • Pay as you go service that does not require any setup cost. It can easily be hosted on cloud as well as your internal server. To collect leads without any additional cost is not just a saving but also provides returns.

  • From visitor to lead in just one click.

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