Consumers now consider customer service as a factor in price and quality to choose a brand. Focusing on their needs and constantly providing value beyond the initial purchase are reasons they choose to invest in a brand.

Poor customer service is considered by 58% as the first reason to switch companies, according to a study by Microsoft. On the flip side, 89% of customers chose the same company for another purchase if they provide good customer service.

All of these show how important it is to provide good customer service, prompt responses, and polite interactions a necessity. This can be successfully implemented with a call centre.

However, running a call centre is no easy task. It is a centre of hectic activity. It is easy to get things messed up. But not with a call centre software that can manage everything in a call centre for you. Let us look at what call centre software is and how it enables the smooth functioning of a call centre.

What is Call Centre Software?

A call center software is designed to optimize the tasks at a call centre and enable the smooth functioning of a call centre. It helps with call management, social media, emails, and SMS. It allows you to record and monitor calls and post updates from the customer’s side. It can also route incoming and outgoing calls, ensure they reach the right agent, and more. It is built to increase the efficiency and productivity of your customer care centre.

Benefits of a Call Centre Software

Before you decide whether or not you need software for your call centre, let us look at some of the benefits of call centre software.

Improve Customer Service Management

A customer care centre is the first point of contact a customer thinks of when they want to contact a company. Thus a customer care centre represents your brand. It must work smoothly to ensure your customers get the best experience. From timely pickups to answering queries on time, a call centre needs to manage customers when there is a low inflow of calls and a heavy inflow. It is to this end that call centre software works.

Enhance Productivity

A call centre can be a centre of activity. At peak hours, there can be calls coming in from all sides. This could also be at any time during the day, as customers can call at a timeline they see fit. However, call centre agents would take time and effort to get used to such an uneven timeline. With call centre software, you can manage different types of queries seamlessly and it’s easier to enhance the productivity of your call centre.


One of the advantages of having call centre software is that it makes your operations cost-effective. You can reduce the number of employees working at a call centre, as call centre software can effectively manage many calls and assign them to the available staff. It can also manage unanswered calls via call automation.

Create Professional Outlook

The software helps improve the professional image of the company. Unlike a call that is left unanswered or left hanging halfway through, using call centre software to attend to the needs of the customer promptly makes them look very professional.

Increase Sales Opportunities

Customer care calls are a potential way to increase sales deals. A customer can be informed of a suitable package or deal that might make them want to subscribe to it. This way your company can benefit from attending to all queries as it may become a future paying customer.

Don’t Miss out on Priority Calls

In a flurry of phone calls, there is a chance of missing out on the important ones. There is no way of knowing which calls are important and which are not. However, with call centre software, you can use numbering sequences which allows you to know the purpose of the call. This way, you can prioritize the call based on its importance.

Must-Have Features of a Good Call Centre Software

Let us look at some of the features that a good call centre software has.

Call Tracking and Monitoring

The software’s call tracking feature ensures that business calls are managed 24×7. The software enables central tracking of incoming calls, answered calls, the performance of each agent, etc. This will help with optimizing each section as seen fit.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

An IVR is a virtual receptionist you hear as you dial a company’s customer care number. It is available 24×7 and instantly picks up the call. It can be set to local languages and has a DTMF keypad that lets the customers interact and receive customized responses.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

This software ensures that the customer does not have to wait long to speak to an executive as the call is automatically routed to the right agent. There are different routing modes like skill-based routing, performance-based routing, routing calls to the idle system, location-based routing, least occupied routing, etc.

CRM Integration

A call centre software will allow seamless integration to an already existing system like CRM software. You can now access the features of both the software and improve the productivity of the centre.

Call Recording

The software has a call recording feature, which records all incoming and outgoing calls. This recording can be used for training, quality control, and settling disputes if they arise.

Analytical Reports

The software can generate analytical reports based on metrics like call volume, missed calls, new and returning callers, and much more. This helps management make informed decisions regarding operations.

Summing It Up

The right call centre software can ease and simplify while also increasing the productivity of your call centre. With so many call centre solutions in the market, it can be hard to choose the right one. As a leading provider of call centre solutions in Dubai, UAE and the Middle East, we at Silwatech, have been helping our call centre clients perform optimally and profitably for years. With custom features and functionalities, our call centre solutions in UAE are designed to meet your requirements perfectly. Want to know how our call centre software solution can help your call centre business thrive and compete in the market successfully? Get in touch ith us today!

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