Online reputation management is a digital PR practice that controls and influences the image a business or individual has in the digital sphere. When effectively implemented, search results will not yield negative comments. It also protects your hard-earned reputation and customer base. All the efforts keep the negative results at least two pages away from customers.

A lot of things can affect the reputation of a business. These may be negative comments, low ratings, or even small attacks that harm a business. While individually, they do not cause much harm, they can compound and cause much harm down the line. It can then be harder to control, making ORMs necessary for Dubai-based businesses. For this purpose, online reputation management services or ORM agencies provide expert services.

When a search result contains negative results about your business, your online reputation management agency makes a legal request to the search engine, say Google. However, it is not guaranteed that this can remove the search result. This is where our online reputation management services come into play. 

When you avail of our services from Silwatech, you get the full package or a customized package that is suited to your needs. You can choose what fits you and let us improve your online reputation. You can secure our bottom line and goodwill with our well-rounded online reputation. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You might need the help of an online management agency if you have an issue regarding your online reputation that is affecting your business. If not handled early, it can cause bigger problems later.

It depends on the difficulty in removing the content that is causing harm to your reputation. It can be anything from 1-2 weeks to months, as it takes time for approval from search engines to remove the content.

It takes about 1-2 weeks to remove negative reviews if it violates the Terms of Service. If it does not, the review or comment can only be removed by the individual. You would have to convince the individual to remove the comment.

Online reputation management involves creating optimized social media profiles with relevant and engaging content, positive PR surrounding your business, positive profiling, and online monitoring for mentions. A more reactive approach involves challenging site content for it to be removed.


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