Mobile apps have a popularity that is constantly rising. Building an app has become a highly lucrative way to run a business. You are not wrong if you think your business could use an app. Businesses worldwide are turning to mobile app development for business growth. Be it a grocery store looking for an online presence, to a life coach selling tutorials and classes, an app can help the way a business operates.

This article looks at some of the most innovative ideas you can use to build an app. It looks at ideas from all areas of business. Read on!

  1. App to Learn a New Language

An app is designed to teach a new language’s basics and advanced levels. This includes reading and speaking, which is helpful for someone looking to travel abroad or learn a new skill.

  1. App to Track Fitness

A fitness app provides users access to fitness coaches and nutritionists to guide them to a healthier lifestyle. A community of users is also available so that users can interact and share motivation.

  1. Medical App powered by Blockchain

Blockchain technology is anticipated to change many sectors fundamentally, like finance. One such area is healthcare. Transferring healthcare records and data is easier and more secure with blockchain-powered apps.

  1. On-demand App for Fuel Delivery

Imagine you are stuck without fuel in a remote area or cannot access a gas station. In such instances of emergency, you can rely on this app to direct a fuel truck to your destination so that you can quickly be refuelled.

  1. An App to Find a Date

While this is no new concept, there is always room for innovation. Apps specifically for people of a certain community can choose partners from an app designed particularly for that community.

  1. App for Money Transfer Using Blockchain

Money transactions are safer with blockchain technology. It is increasingly being included in money transfer apps. Such an app removes the need for intermediaries like banks.

  1. Travel App based on VR

Travel wherever you want from within your home. Simply plug in a VR goggle and use this app to have an immersive experience of the wonders of the world.

  1. Chat with Random Person App

This allows you to chat randomly with a person. You can find a new friend or simply have a conversation that helps you understand and explore the world and its people more.

  1. Barter Exchange App

This app can be used to trade items in good condition but is no longer helpful. Catalogue your items and exchange them with something valuable from a fellow user.

  1. Mall Navigation App

Giant malls can feel like a maze. This app can act as a map for going around in malls. You can keep track of your friends and find each other without getting lost.

  1. App to Plan Trip

Enter your location, budget, activities, and details about the vacation you would like, and the app recommends the best place and time to visit such a place. It makes trips easier for people who cannot do them themselves.

  1.  Real Estate app with AR

The real estate industry is transforming with the onset of AR and its various applications. Potential buyers can use AR tech to go around and view properties from wherever they are.

  1. App for Video Editing

Video editing is an essential aspect for everyday users as well as content creators of social media. An app that is easy to navigate has many filters and templates and is packed with features that are always welcome.

  1. App for Cryptocurrency

An app that deals in cryptocurrency with the aid of blockchain technology is a highly lucrative app idea. It has the potential to disrupt major industries and has a plethora of possible applications.

  1. Learn Investing and Share Market

An app that guides you through the share market and investing. With the growing interest in investing in stocks, there are a lot of takers for learning about the share market and investing.

  1. App for Booking Tables at a Restaurant

An app that can book you tables at your favourite restaurant for a date is an app that is always in demand. Users can choose tables that are available and use them

  1. Air Pollution Monitoring App

An app that monitors the air quality and makes suggestions to improve it. With increasing levels of air pollution throughout the world, it can be an in-demand app.

  1. App to Remind You to Drink Water

Today’s fast lifestyle may not give you the time to keep yourself hydrated. This app reminds you to drink water regularly to be well hydrated.

  1. Medicine Delivery App

People who cannot go out to buy medicines or simply prefer to stay at home can use this app to find the medicine they need and buy it online through the app.

  1. OTT Video App

There are many OTT video platforms, and more are still coming out. The use of OTT platforms has increased over the years. It is a great way to enjoy entertainment from your home.

  1. E-book Reading App

People now use e-books as a way to discourage paper usage. It is also more accessible than physical books. An e-book platform provides users with books of their liking.

  1. Criminal Alert App

The authorities issue criminal alerts, which you may or may not notice. With a criminal alert app, you are updated with all the alerts issued in your area.

  1. Grocery Delivery App

This app is built to bring the groceries you need to your doorstep. Users can always rely on such an app if they cannot step out due to health issues or inconvenience.

  1. Money Lending Manager App

Make lending and borrowing simple with this app that helps moneylenders deal with the whole process efficiently. There are features to keep track of every aspect with ease.

  1. App for Virtual Study Room

The experience of combined studying is much more effective than studying on one’s own. This app provides the space to study together and use time more effectively.

  1. App as NFT Marketplace

NFTs are growing in popularity. Making an NFT marketplace makes a great place for users to trade digital assets safely.

  1. Food Recommendation App

This app provides users with authentic food recommendations from restaurants they would like to try. It removes the risk of trying out food you don’t like and wasting money.

  1. Supermarket Finder App

This app provides the user with the convenience of shopping from their homes. They do not need to stand in long queues. Payment is safer, and there is doorstep delivery.

  1. Video Live Streaming App

Live stream videos so that people can communicate in real time. Content creators can update followers in real-time, and families can keep in touch.

  1. Room Customisation App with AR Tech

This app allows users to determine whether a certain piece of furniture will fit their room, both in measurements and aesthetics. It makes purchases much more effortless.

  1. Social Networking App

Use this app to network with others in and outside your community. Create transactions, make recommendations and share information with ease. There are also options to earn money and buy/sell.

  1. . Logistics and Transportation Apps

Deliver the things you want at the right time. Find transportation available for transporting items with ease. This can be made easier with IoT integration.

  1. Voice-Text Translation App

This makes it easier for users to understand an unknown language, especially travelling overseas. It can also translate your language into a foreign language.

  1. Parking Spot Finder App

A lot of our time is spent finding a parking spot. This app gives you real-time updates about the available parking spots in a busy area using GPS, webcam and location.

  1. EV Charging Station Finder App

With the growing usage of electric vehicles, there is a need for electric charging stations. With this app, you can find the nearest charging station for your vehicle.

  1.  Subscription Organization App

Modern-day users have subscriptions to dozens of apps. It becomes challenging to keep track of them over time. This app does it for you with a proper reminder at times of renewal

  1. Weather Reporting via IoT

His app provides weather reporting using the data collected from various IoT devices. It also forecasts weather using forecasting models.

  1.  Corona Tracking App

This gives real-time updates on the active corona cases in each region around the world. The data is collected from government sources to keep the user updated.

  1.  Scanning Documents App

Convert your text to PDF using your camera. This app detects written and printed text to convert it to shareable PDF documents.

  1. Train Tracking App

Keep track of the train you want to catch with the app that provides real-time updates. You cannot miss a train with this app to help you.

  1. App for real-time car sharing

Find users going in the same direction as you and use this app to create a carpool. This saves you money, fuel and time. It is ideal for cities.

  1.  An app that suggests gifts for friends

Suggest the best gift for your best based on their preferences, shopping history, and social feed. This app does that for you. Make gifting easier with this app.

  1. A Doctor’s App

Use this app to contact the doctor available at your nearest location in case of emergencies or for regular consultations. Book appointments, get e-prescriptions and more.

  1. Pregnant Women’s Assistance App

This app is a great help for pregnant women. It provides all the insight they need to know during their pregnancy journey. It can keep track of appointments, medicines to take and more.

  1. Anti-Smartphone Addiction App

Users can be restricted from using smartphones for a stipulated period. It aims to lower the tendency to use social media apps and games. It is a great way to build discipline in users.

  1. Astrology App

Provide prediction services with the help of an app. You can provide the users with daily updates on the astrological scales. It is an excellent app for believers of astrology.

  1. The app that Calculates Tips

This app saves you from the embarrassment of tipping low or tipping too high. You can use this calculator to determine precisely how much you need to tip at a restaurant based on your bill.

  1.  What’s in Your Fridge App

Find a recipe you can make at home with the contents in your fridge. This is an exciting new way to make new dishes and explore your cooking abilities.

  1. Health Checkup Mobile App

Track your health with the use of your wearable and app data. You will get guidance on how to better your lifestyle and give you prompts for timely health checkups.

  1. Calls Recording App

This app helps you save the call that you receive or make. This recording can be used for future purposes like studying and preventing crimes and even as evidence against crime.

Final Thoughts

The age of apps is here, and every business is jumping on the bandwagon. There are an infinite number of app ideas. The ones we mentioned above are some of the successful and popular ones. You can implement any of them, with all the necessary steps to proper mobile app development and ensure that you will have a successful app.

The mobile app-making landscape is quickly changing. There is one or the other trend ruling the market. If you are planning on building a mobile app for your business, you should be aware of the development in this industry.

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