The HR department is a hothouse of activity. From managing employees and tons of paperwork, a lot is going on that needs careful attention. If the HR department suffers from a lack of resources, the employees are the first to suffer. It takes motivated and happy employees to build a productive and efficient workplace.

HRMS solutions or Human Resource Management Software is a gift of technology that can improve the workings of your HR department, making it more streamlined and prepared for handling the growing needs of your organization. 

Consider these stats:

  • HR departments worldwide are investing more and more into HRMS solutions to improve their workflow. 74% of companies plan on increasing their spending on HR technology.
  • Studies also show that HR and IT is a winning combo. According to Gartner, 41%  of HR teams globally attribute their success to the relationship between HR and IT.
  • HRMS powered by AI automates many repetitive tasks, which 51% of HR teams agree has resulted in significant cost-cutting for their company.
  • One of the surveys found that 50% of companies that use HRMS say they have experienced significant improvements in their overall HR processes.

With these numbers in mind, let us look at the promising benefits of HRMS software solutions for your business.

1. Automate for Better Workflows

The sheer number of tasks the HR office has to handle can overwhelm anybody. From conducting entire recruitment processes, induction, paperwork related to all employees, employee management, leave and payroll management, and so much more, the HR office always has its hands full. Many of these tasks are automated with a proper HRMS system. This leaves the HR staff with more time on their hands to handle tasks that are higher in priority and require their presence. The result is a more streamlined workflow.

2. Efficient Employee Management

Ask any HR manager, and they will tell you how big the administrative workload is. An HR department has to deal with a wide range of tasks related to personnel management like recruitment, onboarding, exit formalities, etc. These are labour-intensive and time-consuming tasks.

With an HRMS, these tasks can be automated. It also provides HR to automate tasks like taking up employee queries, handling employee complaints and suggestions, and obtaining detailed reports to aid future business planning. They can also monitor KPIs to ensure the employees have the opportunity for growth and see that they utilize it to use their potential. This affects both the employee and the company positively.

3. Keep Track of Time and Attendance

Keeping track of the time of login, absentees, leaves granted, and attendance every month is crucial to keeping records and planning the payroll. Manually doing this can consume a huge amount of time. With software with a dedicated section to handle this, HR departments can take a break without losing out on any employee information.

4. Save Costs

Companies that employ HRMS software can automate tasks that would require dedicated employees. The HR department can get more work done with fewer hands on deck with powerful software. An HRMS software costs much lesser than an employee as well.

5. Ensure Data Security

The HR department holds a lot of sensitive data that can easily be a target of cyber attacks. This is especially true because much of the data is stored under a single database. With a good HRMS in place, you can rest assured as it provides holistic security for the stored data.

6. Improved Better Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is one of the heaviest jobs the HR department is tasked with. From finding the right talent from hundreds of resumes to interviewing through the different rounds, onboarding, and training, it can be a long winding process. With HRMS, the AI-enabled features can sift through the application by looking for specific keywords and finding the right candidate for the job opening. AI-powered training and onboarding processes also make HR duties less burdensome.

7. Hassle-Free Payroll Management

Managing payroll is a hectic yet sensitive task. There are a lot of rules and regulations involved. One has to be aware of the tax requirement of the specific region as well. With changing regulations, it can be hard to keep up with the tasks. An HRMS software can be a blessing in such situations as it can take care of compliance and manage payroll easily.

8. Reduced Errors and Discrepancies

There is a higher chance of error when a human is working compared to a technology employed for the same. With HRMS solutions, there is a lower chance of making costly errors compared to employing a human who can be easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks involved.

Why Choose HRMS by Silwatech?

An HRMS software solution is a worthy investment for any company, as all the advantages and statistics above prove. It makes HR processes more streamlined and efficient. The benefits such an IT solution can bring to the company are immense. If you are looking for HRMS solutions that can reconfigure your business methods, Silwatech is your answer.

Silwatech has been providing HRMS solutions in UAE and the MENA regions, making it one of the best HRMS software companies you can depend on. Our expertise as an HRMS software company puts us ahead of the competition. We provide smooth implementation and uninterrupted support. If you are looking for HRMS solutions in Dubai or anywhere in the MENA region, get in touch with us today!

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