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Paid marketing is the umbrella term that includes search, digital, and social media advertising through which a brand targets its audience based on their likes, interests, and previous interaction with the brand. Paid marketing campaigns use various channels that include SERP, social media, websites, and display networks. Paid marketing also involves building your brand through sponsored blog posts and guest posts.

Whether you want to get more leads, drive more traffic to your site, boost your brand awareness or make more sales, paid marketing techniques can help you achieve your goals quickly and effectively. All this while you get to keep track of how every penny of your marketing budget is translated to clicks and eventually sales. At Silwatech, we specialize in developing paid marketing strategies that deliver maximum returns on your investment.

Display Marketing

Display marketing is similar to SEM where the display networks show the advertisement to site visitors. This kind of campaign is conducted by our team using the best-in-class retargeting tools and platforms to hyper-target users based on their browsing history.

Influencer Marketing

Today, social media influencers hold a lot of sway among consumers. They have massive followers who tend to take their recommendations seriously and buy the products they endorse. Our influencer marketing specialists help your brand make the right influencer connections and tap into a large pool of ready-to-buy audiences while generating a positive buzz around your products or services.

Paid Search Marketing

Also termed as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), this form of marketing lets you show textual ads and image ads on search engines like Bing and Google. Our PPC experts make sure your business rakes up traffic by creating the best Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaigns.

Paid Social Media Marketing

This form of paid marketing involves showing ads to social media users according to their interests and preferences. Our PPC specialists build social media ad campaigns around your target demographic and place these ads strategically so they appear on the most relevant social media channels for your business.

Why Choose Our Paid Marketing Expertise?

Silwatech is one of the top paid marketing companies that offers a wide range of paid search, social, and advertising services to help clients meet their desired business goals.

Rich Experience

Our marketing team has been devising paid marketing services and strategies for several years, and our experience in the domain allows us to implement the fastest strategies to achieve clicks, traffic, visits and leads for your website.

Wide Array of Solutions

To build a certain kind of presence, you need to invest in various marketing formats like paid marketing services, Google ads services, social media advertising, and more. Silwatech is one of the companies that help you find the right selection for the marketing format for your brand.

Assured Results

We are a certified Google Ads management company that leverages the Google Ads platform to give your business the visibility and positive impression it deserves, thus, increasing conversions and sales.

Affordable Services

Not only do our PPC specialists bring down the cost of your paid marketing campaigns, but we also offer a range of packages around Google ads management services to match your budget.

Success-Driven Approach

We are dedicated to your success and work relentlessly to reach the goals you desire and deserve. We strive for constant improvements and commit to high standards to ensure you get nothing short of our absolute “best”.

Transparent Process

We always work with an agreed-upon plan in place to ensure that the results we create for you and the reports we present are in sync with the expectations you have set with us. At the same time, we are flexible to accommodate any changes in your business needs.

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