Applications that Boost Business Value Through Learning, Analysis, and Problem-Solving

The goal of AI and ML is to make a system like humans to solve complex problems and simulate human behavior.

Compare to humans, AI and ML-based applications have incredible precision, accuracy, and speed. It is not affected by hostile environments, thus able to complete dangerous tasks, explore in space, and endure problems that would harm us. AI and ML allow a machine to automatically learn from past data without programming explicitly, provide intelligent insights by learning patterns from data, and then can proceed autonomously on new and changing data.

We, at Silwatech, have been empowering businesses to automate their repetitive work, make error-free decisions, increase speed and reduce operating costs.


Develop skills and testing systems which drive efficiency, personalization, and streamline admin tasks. Provide intelligent insights by learning patterns from data.


AI-based Vehicle constantly learns road rule and pass the information to the rest of the fleet, resulting in a virtual neural network of self-driving vehicles that learn as they go.


Improve data-driven decisions, increase disease diagnosis efficiency, integrate information, reduce unnecessary hospital visits, and create time-saving administrative duties, etc.


In the capital market, AI produces better, faster, and more accurate predictions. AI can examine investment accounts to check the financial health of individuals and organizations.


AI enhances pattern recognition and supports more sophisticated data analysis for cognitive ability, memory, learning, and decision making.

Our Expertise

SilwaTech’s team of AI application developers plan, architect, and engineer superior AI-driven systems as an extension of your internal team or on a ready-to-install basis to get your projects off the ground smoothly and run efficiently till completion.

We help you remain ahead of the competition, market trends, and customer demands and drive better business insights from your data through top-notch Artificial Intelligence applications.

AI and Business Intelligence

We create business intelligence (BI) software solutions, which include tools and applications for customer segmentation, sales analysis, software testing, marketing campaign analysis, social media analysis, etc.

Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR)

We develop IDR solutions that speed up information storage and classification, helping businesses extract metadata from an exhaustive range of documents, including bills, invoices, applications, tax records, medical data, paperwork etc.

Machine Learning Solutions

We architect machine learning solutions that include deep learning and artificial neural network software to help clients glean actionable insights from business data and automate their operations.

AI Security Solutions

Our AI-powered security software helps in facial, speech, voice, and handwriting recognition with contextual, biometric, and biographic matching capabilities.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Our NLP software solutions include chatbots, digital assistants, compliance monitoring systems, etc. built to help you make the most out of search queries, web and social data, business data stacks, and other data sources.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our RPA software solutions are applicable for single platforms as well as multi-system infrastructures, helping businesses automate standard operations, revamp their existing processes, improve compliance with various industry standards, and more.

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