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We at SILWATECH, developing blockchain applications for large volumes of business and financial data that need proof and record of the transaction in a shared ledger that is to be accessed by everyone.

SILWATECH has been enabling mid to large scale organizations to realize numerous benefits of blockchain technology to perform various business functions

Our BlockChain consultant starts with the project discovery and feasibility phase for the desired, secured, and decentralized business Solutions.

Stop Voting Fraud

It is almost impossible to hack a blockchain-enabled voting system. Our solutions are aimed to improve trust and transparency in the voting process, which helps to increase voter turnout.

Fundraising By STO

Enables companies to sell tokenized financial instruments such as debt and equity. Reduces the cost of the investment process by removing the need for third-party brokers and custody accounts.

Supply Chain Management

Verify the authenticity of purchased goods. Tag product with Unique product ID onto an immutable, transparent, and secure blockchain smart contract for authenticity and tracking information

Judiciary and Document Verification

Use Blockchain in notarization to ensure proof-of-existence since the time it was created and modifications can also be detected. Any changes in document content will make you aware of alteration.

Real Estate

Revolutionize property payments by letting stakeholders, tenants, owners, and service providers interact with the transaction history through blockchain enable smart contract

Our Expertise

At SilwaTech, we help our clients adopt, integrate, and implement Blockchain technology in the most effective ways. Our team of blockchain experts gets into the depths of your business needs to craft personalized solutions using cutting-edge strategies.

Usher in a new age of tech-driven transactions into your business and take advantage of a decentralized system. Our Blockchain apps are built as turnkey solutions that help you leverage emerging technologies to grow and beat the competition, quickly and efficiently.

Blockchain App Development

We develop custom-made business applications based on the best blockchain technologies. Our team of Blockchain experts are experienced in designing impressive User Interfaces(UI) and frontend development.

Smart Contract Development

Our team codes blockchain-based smart contracts and decentralized web solutions for a wide range of industries. We program smart contracts helping businesses register financial requests, establish intellectual property, validate insurance eligibility, and more.

Blockchain Integration

We integrate APIs from leading blockchain exchanges and app developers such as Neurowave, Coinbase, Factom, Tierion, ChromaWay, etc. to create an immutable record of transactions for enhancing security and trust between stakeholders.

Consultation & White Paper

Our team of blockchain experts have the proficiency and experience of creating credible consulting reports and resources on blockchain that help businesses discover and draft their project feasibility for marketing and investment purposes.

ICO & STO Solutions

Let the ownership information of the investment product be recorded on a blockchain with our ICO and STO solutions. Our team offers consultation and solutions that can assist you in supporting your ICOs, while incorporating Blockchain into your business operations.

Wallet Development

We leverage APIs, SDKs, libraries, and other open source resources and documentation from blockchain technology providers to build customized wallets for single or multiple digital currency or secured tokens.

Cryptocurrency Development

We build blockchain apps and integrate cryptocurrency functionalities into websites and enterprise applications. Invest in the future and Develop your own digital currency to be used in the close ecosystem or open market.

Exchange Development

Our exchange development solutions enable businesses to trade across a broad spectrum of cryptocurrencies built on top Blockchain frameworks. We develop exchange apps that store, send, and receive digital assets with the help of blockchain’s trust and security.

DLT Proof of Concept

Our Blockchain Proof of Concept (PoC) and distributed ledger technology (DLT) development help to enhance trust in your customer proposals and make your business more credible. We perform frontend to backend integration, plus middleware.

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