Protect Your Business Against the Rising Threats of the Online World

Working with a secured IT infrastructure is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Studies suggest that a whopping 88% of businesses face spearfishing attacks every year, and there are over 2200 cyber attacks every day. These numbers are alarming and present a tangible threat to every business. Why risk losing all your hard work when you can save your ecosystem in simple steps?

Silwatech works with world-class security installation, enhancement, and monitoring technologies to give business owners worldwide the stress-work environment they deserve.

Network Security

Insufficiently secured networks are the best targets for hackers looking to get easy money. We help protect your internal IT infrastructure from any unauthorized access by third parties. Prevent cyber attacks and gain complete control over the security of your IT network with customized security measures.

Endpoint Security

Hackers understand that data is at the core of successful business operations, and compromised data can land your company in unimaginable legal trouble. Our endpoint security solutions help establish check mechanisms for devices connected to your organizational database, so nothing gets in and out without being monitored!

Cloud Security

Moving your systems to the cloud is no longer a luxury but a modern-day necessity to scale your business. While it offers unlimited advantages over traditional IT setup, it poses a fresh set of challenges for security. With Silwatech, you can reap the complete benefits of cloud computing without the fear of data loss, malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats.

Wireless Security

Silwatech prides itself on state-of-the-art wireless security services that encrypt your data even if the wireless network security is compromised. Our technology triggers real-time alerts in case there is a malicious attempt to access your network through WEP and WPA.

Email Security

Gone are the days of complicated codes and installations used for hacking. These days, a seemingly innocent image file shared over your email can crash the whole system. This is why we make sure your emails are encrypted and shared over a secure line fortified with anti-threat applications that nip cyber threats in the bud.

Our Expertise

At Silwatech, we believe in raising the bar with every project. We are a group of leading tech experts who stop at nothing to give you exceptional services. From patch management, compliance regulation, and FW/UTM/IDPS management to real-time vulnerability tracking, we leave no stone unturned for your complete security.

Our security services minimize your risks, improve efficiency and give you a competitive edge.

Security Consulting

Leverage our experience to get in-depth assessments, expert advisory, and tailored solutions for your IT infrastructure security.

Risk Management

Pro-active alerts for security breaches, threat mitigation, and recovery actions that make life easier and allow your organization to anticipate threats.

Layered Security

Hardened security measures that make your systems extremely resistant to malware penetration and other forms of attacks.

Security Management

End-to-end security of your IT assets through continuous monitoring and updates for your firewalls, antivirus programs, and IDS/IPS devices.

Vulnerability Assessment

Our experts audit your existing systems to identify loopholes that attackers can use and recommend improvement measures.

Cyber Security Testing Services

Dummy attacks and security vulnerability tests are designed to simulate real-life threats that can be hazardous to your business – giving you a clear picture of where your security stands.

Every minute wasted on improper security measures puts your business at great risk. Consult our security experts today and set yourself up for success.

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