The project aims to develop a mobile application utilizing computer vision and machine learning techniques to automate antigen testing for viral load. Specifically, the application focuses on identifying COVID-19 test strips from images, detecting the location of COVID-19 results on various types of test strips, and accurately determining whether the person is COVID-19 positive or negative.

Tech Stack
  • Open CV
  • Keras
  • Pytorch
  • tensorflow

  • Identify the Covid strip from the frame of pictures.
  • Detect the location of covid results in different types of strips
  • Accurately detecting if the person is covid positive or negative

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Machine Learning Models
  • Automation of Antigen Testing
  • Improved Accessibility


The developed mobile application demonstrates promising results in automating antigen testing for COVID-19. By leveraging computer vision and machine learning technologies, the application offers a reliable and efficient solution for identifying COVID-19 test strips, locating test results, and determining COVID-19 status accurately. This contributes to the broader efforts in combating the COVID-19 pandemic by facilitating widespread testing and early detection of infections.

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