The SEO landscape is constantly changing with continuous algorithm updates and changing guidelines How effective is your SEO then? We are here to push you in the right direction with our free website SEO analysis report. We look into the different SEO challenges your website faces, how you can improve your SEO goals, how your current SEO strategy affects your website, and how to optimize it.

Silwatech has SEO audit services that use industry-leading tools to review your SEO. We provide relevant recommendations for improving your SEO to get your SEO game on point.

What do You get in Our Website SEO Audit Report?

We provide a detailed free SEO analysis report that you can use to improve your SEO. You will also get a clear idea of your website’s issues and how to fix them to get a higher SEO score.

Site speed and performance

The report details your page loading speed and how you can improve it, as it is a major factor determining user retention and satisfaction.


Search engine accessibility is as important as anything else, as there is no point in all your efforts if Google bots cannot crawl and index your site.

Internal linking

Flawed linking makes your viewers hop from one page on your site to another in ways that don’t drive results.


Monitor your website’s security status as you may deal with sensitive information your responsibility is to protect.

International SEO

To serve the right language to your international clients in the case of a multilingual website, you need to have hreflang tags correctly implemented.

Why Trust Our Free Website Audit Report?

A website SEO audit report is highly beneficial for you as you can clearly understand how effectively you have implemented SEO, how you can improve and what needs to go. At Silwatech, we offer free website SEO analysis that provides accurate data by factoring in the industry-standard SEO metrics using tools that identify even the most minor issues with your website.

Our long-standing reputation in the digital marketing sector further testifies to the quality of our website SEO audit services. We provide additional support in areas that require changes and apply our expertise to areas that need tweaking. Simply reach out to us to get your free website SEO analysis report.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Websites need a full website SEO audit to check how well their SEO strategies are working. If not, it will show in the report, and necessary action can be taken.

It takes 6-7 days to generate a manual free website audit report. This depends upon how big your website is and how many pages it has.

Yes, we provide downloadable SEO reports. You can see all the data visualized in reader-friendly formats so that you can make the necessary changes to your website.

Yes, the SEO audit report is 100% free. There is no catch. You can trust it and use it to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your website.


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